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Top 10 roundup: July 2014 wish list

Whee-haw, there’s a lot of stuff happening on Webflow! I’m sure the dev team has more than enough high priority items to keep them busy for a while, but what the heck, raising my head up from ad hoc feedback and comments, here’s my current wish list, prioritized by stuff I need all the time but that Webflow doesn’t handle natively yet.

What’s on your wish list?

  1. Interaction build out: Way cool as they are, to use interactions beyond relatively simple stuff, I run into limitations that keep me running out for jquery plugins. But just two improvements would make most of what I end up wanting to do possible:
  • Targets: Nested and Sibling has helped a lot, but #id and nested classes as targets will really unlock this feature. I can do what I need with multiple class name workarounds, but it makes for some really messy and unmanageable css that sort of loses the power of cascading.
  • Actions: Change the class of the targeted object. This is the biggest thing stopping me most of the time, where I just can’t do something using interactions and need to compromise the effect I want (e.g., use a hover where a click is really called for) or more often, just go get / write some custom code. (I always waffle at that effort because I know I’ll spend two weeks getting it to work and then Webflow will add a native feature that makes that all throwaway work!)
  1. Improved Navigator: I know this is in process, really excited about seeing it. DONE Who-HOO!

  2. Page management: Surprisingly, I want this even more often than #2 these days.

  3. Nested symbols: Will be great to have this power, though an improved Navigator will take care of a number of my use cases. But my mental workflow always works in nested objects, so until these are live I’m forced to do a lot of stuff that prompts the “couldn’t a computer do this task faster?” question.

  4. I suppose this really goes under the head of “more 3d party font integration,” but selfishly, is the one I really want :wink:

  5. Code preview: It would save me a lot of code exports to hunt down issues if the code export preview were to show the code for the current page instead of just the home page. That feels like it would deliver 90% of the value of a really robust code preview feature for 10% of the effort.

  6. Interaction & selector traceability: Maybe this is just me, since the topics on these that I posted here and here haven’t gotten a lot of traction. But even if the solution looked entirely different from my suggestions, it would sure be handy once a site gets complex with lots of both. (Looks like a solution is on the way for selectors!)

  7. Affordable collaboration: As a small consultancy, I don’t design or maintain 100 sites at a time. But I do really, really need to collaborate with other developers & designers. It sounds like there is some decoupling of collaboration from larger-scale operations coming down the pike, and I can’t wait. Best case, open up some amount of collaboration between anyone with paid accounts at any level - that would just further incentivize people to harangue their colleagues into becoming customers. Worst case, make it an affordable add-on for any paid account!

  8. Multilevel nav widget: This one is coming too, possibly any day now? (Crossed fingers) DONE! Same as #2 really.

  9. Real-time js interpretation in the Design view: This is at the bottom not because it wouldn’t be nice, but because it feels unrealistic in the amount of effort required. But hey, would still be nice.

Fantastic tool getting better every day! It would be great to hear from other users what tops their wish lists.

  1. FTP/SFTP : Publish to custom domain server beyond webflow with support for site update. I mean Webflow only updates the changes made to the designs not overwriting the entire code.

  2. .WBF FORMAT : A webflow format that can be saved and re-open in webflow. Like a .ai, .psd, etc. Designers like having their files instead of it being locked somewhere and owned by someone else.

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