For a creator of visual sites

WEBFLOW is the webdesign tool of my dreams :smile: and this is what I would like to have hereafter that I think it would be helpful for a creator of visual sites.

  1. the opportunity to buy a template or create it and than the ability to copy elements, parts, sections, and interactions of a project (site 1) to parts of another project (site 2) in the same dashboard.
    This thing is essential to develop new ideas and to speed up the work in webflow.

  2. the integration of additional tools (forms, forms parts, add-ons, 3rd parties API, calendar/date/time, various components) to vary the creative possibilities and speed up the work in webflow.

  3. password protection for pages.

  4. the ability to transfer, via FTP, the files of the site created, directly from webflow to
    the target site on other servers, to do the update as if we were on the webflow’s server.

  5. a more comprehensive management and optimum use and functions of the form to send email and other to interact more effectively to the outside.

I hope that one day these things will be available, thanks for the fine work Webflow.

Good list :smile:

I’d like to give my voice on 4./

This is the one I don’t see coming soon or ever, and the one you can easily address on your side. I don’t see it coming because there must be so many other priorities and Webflow is maybe focused on having users using their hosting. And you can easily do this by yourself with tools like automator or any program that can watch a folder and perform a task. A simple rule like watch for a .zip file in /downloads named like you specify, then extract then upload.

I wanted to use automator for that but had a friends developer to craft me a script for it. At the moment it’s so specific that it’s useless to share it. It’s more effective to try and do that on your own than to wait for me to clean and share mine because I’m quite busy at the moment and my friend is not around :slight_smile:

Also I could be wrong about it not coming anytime soon, it’s just my own guess :slight_smile:

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