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Most wanted features from Webflow

Most wanted (and important ) features from Webflow in my point of view as the owner of an experienced web design company.

  1. Customer Account features in eCommerce
  2. Native multi-language Webflow website (with language switch buttons or dropdown)
  3. Visitor able to sort and filter collection lists
  4. “Next” and “Previous” buttons, for blog posts browsing
  5. Pagination with numbers
  6. Support of wider breakpoint
  7. CMS able to access media assets, or separated media assets
  8. CMS enabled sliders
  9. Calc( ) CSS within Webflow’s Designer view
  10. Nested Symbols
  11. Nested Collection Lists (wishlist)

Most of the above are already on Webflow’s Wishlist for a long time. I really hope to see it soon.

One more funny missing feature is…
being able to view “Liked” projects in Webflow “Showcase”.


2 (multi-language) is a deal-breaker.


  1. Using image multi-ref field outside of the collection-page.

  2. CSS - add CSS The object-fit Property

  3. CMS - For me, this is “nightmare” (I build some big blogs on webflow) - no way to filter a long list of articles/items and so on by category (In the designer/editor).

  4. Collection page - CMS - No way to group fields - Organize the data (For example: “Header” “Article” “Metadata”) - Hard to work with a lot of fields.

  5. Easier way to publish/test custom code (Each time you should publish - wait X seconds - and than refresh the browser. Very tidy). The concept:

Browsersync makes your browser testing workflow faster by synchronising URLs, interactions and code changes across multiple devices.