My Webflow Wishlist

  • CSS Filters without custom code (Blur/Black and white/ sepia etc.
  • Gradients with transition
  • Built in video background without custom html
  • Built in paralax scrolling effects (Coming soon?)
  • Webflow icon pack
  • Ecommerce (Coming soon?)
  • Native Modal Window Widget - Product feedback - Forum | Webflow
  • Delete multiple images from the asset manager at once
  • Create folders in the asset manager


  • More robust selector system that allows you to style based on relationships and not only a class based system
  • Support for pseudo selectors


  • Table and Flexbox support.


Option in the slider to show upcoming and previous slides:

  • Native background video (coming soon?)
  • webflow svg coloring

I think I adhere fully to your list (:

I took the liberty to edit your message and transform “CSS styles” to “CSS Filters”, I hope it’s OK with you.

Can you elaborate on the “icon pack”?

Ahh CSS filters is exactly what i meant, i forgot the word.

The icon pack is just a general icon pack for quick usage that designers can choose from, for example, you need a keyboard icon, you click on the Icons tab, search for keyboard and you find a couple different keyboard icons that you can then also color.

@DharmaNode I like your wish list. I’d put all of those on mine with the addition of

  • More robust selector system that allows you to style based on relationships and not only a class based system
  • Support for pseudo selectors

Could you give a more detailed explanation of the 1st thing you said?

Psuedo is that you can style visited and unvisited links differently right?


I agree with everything - I Second this.


What I mean by a more robust selector system based on relationships is being able to do things like this. Let’s say I’m making a card module and inside I want to style an image, heading and paragraph text:

.card > img {…}
.card > h4 {…}
.card > p {…}

You could easily make other card classes that style the elements inside in different manners without making a ton of classes for each element. I’m not saying this is this is the only way to do something like this, but I find that it’s easier to iterate on different ideas and styles and keep the code smaller and cleaner.

For pseudo selectors, I mean stuff like ::before, ::after, and :nth-child and :nth-of-type. These are probably more advanced selectors to work with so not everyone would use it but it’d be nice to have it baked into Webflow natively without custom code.

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Aha! i get it now, thanks

Solid list. I would also add table and Flexbox support.

Ill just go ahead and add your suggestions too @Marxamus @GenKazak :smiley:

Good list… I’d add something basic like the ability to disable the Edge Lines. Make it so the name just shows when it’s highlighted. So it would be Hide/Show/Disable Edge Lines.

Cool how it goes away when you are adjusting a color. Would just like the ability to disable it, if need be.

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Good list. I wrote some of my own last month in this post:

Mine are a bit more specific to using WebFlow to export HTML, CSS, JS, but they seem like they could be good additions to your list as well.

Perhaps you’re talking about something that I’m missing, but isn’t the relationship selectors feature you want the same as the nested element classes you can achieve with the rich text blocks?

For example, you pull in a rich text block and assign it the class “card.” Then your paragraphs, images, and headers within that .card rich text block can all be styled in a way that does not affect other paragraphs, images, and headers outside of it.

Is that what you’re looking for?

@ctotty Yes, that’s the same concept I’m talking about and your suggestion is certainly another way of doing that. For my simple “card” example above, this would work because it only uses parent > child relationship but there are many others that wouldn’t work with the rich-text block (i.e. adjacent sibling selector).

Here’s a full list of these types of selectors:
CSS Selector Reference

Gotcha… a more robust set of selectors as well as allowing nested elements in something other that rich text boxes. Indeed, that would be nice. :smile:

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  1. Events calendar templates

    • Anyone with a portfolio site likely has upcoming appearances: speaking, performing, conferences, trade shows, etc. and it’d be great to list them and show upcoming events (as I have in the preview site).
  2. Photo Grids / Gallery

    • Beyond just a scroll, it’d be great to be able to display grids of photos by tag, so if we tag a photo it automatically appears. For example, I’d like to have a grid of photos under each page (“Comedy”, “Standup”, “Startup”, etc.)
  3. Dynamic Content Templates (like for above: event calendars, galleries, etc.)

  • If you let people share (and even resell) dynamic content templates (rather than just clone entire sites), people can develop these templates, making it easier for everyone. For example, I’d love to make a template all event producers can use to share a showcase calendar (multiple performers per show). Great for conferences, performances, etc.
  1. This isn’t a feature, but charging extra to run a blog is stupid when Medium is free and embeddable. Plus, it’s almost the same code, just multiple pages under the headline of “blog”. Wix doesn’t charge extra. I know it’s a good way to pull another $5-10/mo, but it’s likely pushing away many of the people who will share your tech the most.

  2. It’d be great to get an incentive to pull sites from WIX, etc., and to have some app that would convert the sites into Webflow code.

  3. The blogging interface can use an advanced option (data tables, charts, photo grids, etc.). It’s pretty good, but should be as good as Tumblr and default Wordpress.

  4. Give us build-in charts & grids and UI elements (and allow us to choose & edit colors/style). Many of us are making / mocking up dashboards.

7b. FontAwesome and the like should be standard (for icons). Really, all GoogleFonts should be, too (ok to include this with paid).

  1. Give us a toggle to stop Google/etc from spidering specific pages. Bonus if you can password-protect pages / folders. This way we can share info, but not have random folks finding it.

  2. Do a refer-a-friend thing where we get a free month if a friend signs up. Also a tag at the bottom of the page where if people copy our template, etc. we get a bonus, rev share, etc.

  3. Enable us to duplicate a Slide (or any element), but change the name, so we can copy slides with images/etc and then edit with a new name. Ideally we can just select text & images into a table/csv/xml/etc, so we don’t have to manually do this. (If this is already possible it’s not clear.)

  4. Enable us to record actions (like in Adobe), so we can repeat the same complex set of steps with one button press.

  5. Make the a “paste without formatting” toggle DEFAULT, so we don’t have to clear it after, or paste into the URL field, notepad/atom, etc.

  6. Give us the ability to revert to previous versions ala Wikipedia or Wordpress. This is popular for a reason – we/the system will fuckup and sometimes it’s just faster to take a step back.

  7. To help increase page speed: Automatically resize images (the actual file size) down to the maximum possible dimensions for that view (mobile, tablet, and also smaller desktops) Because we have retina-size screens we have to have large images, but it’s a HUGE pain to manually swap the image ID for each view to a smaller size. Images should be smarter and call a smaller file to speed the image.

Thanks for an awesome product.


What about a community driven GFX library where community members could upload things like icon packs, colour palettes and other various ‘templates’

I like how things like NuGet allows the community enhance the product

for reference - Package manager - Wikipedia

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That would be great!

A few other things that i think would make Webflow absolutely wondrous:

Option in the slider to show upcoming and previous slides:

  • Native background video (coming soon?)
  • webflow svg coloring
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Smart Photo does that as will.