My Current Wish List

My top requested features (in no particular order).

I won’t even mention the white label option and E-Commerce, since those are in the works, but here some other things that I would be a great to have integrated.

  1. Contact form submissions that reply to the actual sender rather than to webflow.

  2. Icons. Icons. Icons. I say this not only to stress that we really need them, but also because we need LOTS of them. I’d like to see various libraries.

  3. More drag and drop modules. This would greatly speed up the layout creation of a new site. The main one I want is an accordion. For example, an accordion would be very helpful when creating FAQs.

  4. True parallax. Personally, I find CSS parallax much less appealing.

  5. DWP (Dynamic Website Personalization). This is an amazing feature. As a reference, check out Duda’s InSites.

  6. Color overlay. I hate having to go into Photoshop or a similar software program to add a color tint overlay to an image. Having it in webflow will allow us to change the color overlay on the fly.

  7. Background video. It really makes a website stand out (well, that is if the video is sexy).

I’ll add to this list as I think of them. Some of these others have highlighted too, but perhaps the more people that are wanting the same features will make a difference.

UPDATE: Added numbers 6 and 7.


Can I jump in? :smiley: I like your 2 and 4 very much.

Webflow is in position to make difficult and time consuming things easy for us, more than ever. So by order of difficulty here are 4 things that would place Webflow even further ahead of the competition:

  1. HTML5 videos and background videos made simple. Like we upload our 4 video files and the poster, and voilà. With a gif anim fallback on mobile for backgrounds

  2. Flexbox. They’re amazing and quite simple but there are so many declarations! A good UI and it would be solved. So many possible solid layouts after that…

  3. SVG support, like full SVG support. Being able to use inline SVG with files, add classes to groups, style groups and elements, animate them maybe. That would be a total first in the industry.

  4. DOM MANIPULATION! That would be an earthquake if we could do that in a live editor. Among possibilities offered, transitions between HTML pages, total control of URL rewriting. Imagine the apps prototypes you could do with that… did I say prototypes? I mean production layouts.

Most of these features are either too hard for non developers (DOM) or very time consuming because requiring resources manipulation and hosting along custom code (SVG and Video bg). And Flexbox is just the very near future of intelligent and solid layout.

Can you elaborate on your 5./ ?


@vincent DWP lets website owners target visitors by browser, device, location, time of day, number of visits, etc. This is great for offering sales, coupons, displaying maps, etc.


These are some amazing ideas and would place Webflow further ahead of the competition

I love the ideas 2, 4 & 5 by @GodlessGlen and 2, 3 & 4 by @vincent

Cant wait to see these ideas implemented in @webflow

@GodlessGlen DWP sounds awesome is there a way to implement this with custom code? :smile:


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Well, I have a simple one:

  • Ability to share styles between projects - Like a “mega-symbol” that you could place from one project to another.
    I’d be glad with that one :slight_smile:

@Ahmadz839 I don’t think there is a way to do DWP with code but if you have to have it for a project Duda has opened it up freely as a WordPress plugin.

@GodlessGlen Thats very sad guess i have to wait till webflow adds this.

I would like to add something community symbols (Like users can make and share symbols with the community) :smile: