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Tile Design Template Issues


I’m new to Webflow and am editing the site

I would like to add unique descriptions to each project in the project collection, but any time I edit one page it carries over to all the others. Any assistance on how to add unique text and images to the main page of each project would be very useful, thank you.

Hi Lewis,

I’m not sure i understood your question.

Can you provide some screenshots? You can also share your read-only link so that it makes it easier to explain things.


Sure. The following images are in the order of flow in the site. The red circles indicate where I am clicking and the red boxes is the issue. Essentially when I change the text on one project page, it changes the text for all the projects when I don’t want them to.

Here is the link Webflow - Portfolio


Hi Lewis,

In order to have different texts in different projects, you need to use either a static page for each project or use webflow’s CMS functionality.

I see you’re already using CMS, so all you need to do is:

  • Add text to each CMS item, under the “Project Description” field, for example.

  • Then head over to your “projects template” page.

  • Add a new “Rich text” element to the page.

  • Name it “something something”.**

  • Select the newly added “rich text” element, and you will see this on the right panel, under the settings tab:

  • Check that box and select “something something” from the list.

  • Your text will now show up.

  • Do this for every CMS item (project).

** Something something doesn’t need to be the name of the new rich text field lol, just name it whatever you want.

Hope this helps

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That worked perfectly, thank you very much!

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Happy to help :slight_smile: