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How do I edit CMS collection page content?

Hi, I have a ‘‘RECENT WORKS’’ section on my site which comprises (as I understand it) of ‘CMS collection pages’? In essence these images are links to that piece of work (a portfolio page, basically). However, I cannot for the life of me edit this content!

Any help is MASSIVELY appreciated.

Not sure if I understand? You can edit CMS collections and CMS collection pages (template) by clicking on them in the left hand side menu:

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Hi , I have just shared a read only link on my original post.

Basically, i want each portfolio page to show different images (obviously for each project) and text, but the layout can remain as is for all. Hope this makes sense.

Hmm. Each portfolio page has fields for different images and different text as far as I can see?

Just go into the CMS system either through the Webflow Designer or the Editor and change what’s needed or add more works etc.

Here’s where it’s done in the Designer:

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Yes that’s the one. But if you see the images in the main ‘’ presentation’’ section, you can’t edit that at all. I have changed the thumbnail and full size previews in this section, but the main content appears as though it can only be edited via the page editor. But surely this will apply to all portfolio pages, as it’s only like a template?

You’re in the wrong area. You’re trying to edit the page template, not the content. Any edits you do on the template will end up affecting all collection pages for that collection, so be careful there.

You need to go to the CMS part which I screenshotted, where you can edit the individual collection items (portfolio page content) :slight_smile:

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Ah I see! thank you.

I have tried to edit in the CMS section but have no option to edit.

2021-02-23 17_41_37-Window
2021-02-23 17_41_37-Window
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Can’t see the images.

Hopefully you can see these. I can edit text in this section, but the images have no options to change.

There’s a replace button for replacing them, and the ones in the rich text field is in a text editor much like the one I’m inputting in now. Click on the image and press delete to remove it. You can add text, embeds, videos tons of images etc.

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Think I’ve finally cracked it. Thank you so much for your help and for being patient with me.

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