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Modifying template links


I am using this template ( for my portfolio website.

On homepage for each project, there is “view project” link.
I clicked on one of them and started editing the content and format.
However, for some reason, this edited project page is for all three of the projects.
Whichever project you click, it’s all linked to the same page and I am lost.
I tried to find ways to fix but couldn’t find any.

This would be a big help!

Please take a look at it (

What should I do?

Hey @harusoo!

It happens because they are CMS dynamic content. All this content is replicated to have the same structure.

All elements inside this purple element “collection list wrapper” will be the same.

If you want some different information, you shold create a new CMS field and them fill with the information you want.

But remember to connect this new field with new element on CMS, like this:

Eve Kayser

Thank you @evekayser

I appreciate your help but I think I still need more help.
So I wanted to change the structure including all the div and containers and text boxes on actual project page.
Instead of just having plain text and images, I added styles and organized the elements differently.

Like this for an example.

I tried creating a new project by adding another one on the existing list of projects. And, realized it follows the same format.
Not sure what I can do.