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[RESOLVED] I'm having issues with editing contents on CMS

Hi Friends,

I’m having problems editing individual “Projects” Collections.
When i edit one Project and then i publish it with the visual CMS, the same content
appears on all other projects. The individual post on each project still remains on the webflow designer
but on the live site all projects will take the same contents all over.

what am i doing wrong? I’m using the free theme called Tile Design. Please help.

cc: pixelgeek, sabanna, vincent, cyberdave

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

i need assistance asap.

Hello @brilliantlights,
Your preview link does not work. Could you recreate it, please.

ok, i just deleted all the pages so i’ll recreate them back let me see if it will solve the problem. I’ll update this thread asap

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Hi, please you can check it now

The problem is when i edit the projects in the collections and then i use visual editor to publish it, they still remain the same contents all over. Even using visual editor does not even help matters. Please what is going wrong? The problem is only happening with the Projects collection on the portfolio page

Ok, I see your project templates contains different information, so there is everything ok.
But, on profolio page, links to the projects do not specified. You have to choose option “Current Project”.

Try it and publish your site. Let me know if it helps or no.


Hi Anna

Still the same issue :confused:

is this a bug issue?

Ok, lets be more specific. What kind of content DO NOT CHANGE?

The contents on the Projects collections in the cms. You can see the contents in the cms in each of the project are different but then when i publish it using visual cms, it takes just the first project and uses the same content for all other projects when they are supposed to be different contents according to what i see in the projects collections

When I click on different projects it sends me to different templates, where is different images. Fact, that text is the same it means that text is static, not dynamic.

but then how do i fix that? please can you show me how from the preview?

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Ok, from preview link I do not see any items in “Projects” collection. Maybe you didn’t add or maybe it is just restriction of preview mode.

All you have to do is connect “Project text” rich text block to dynamic field “project description”. Then publish site and check. ( in preview mode it is not working)

Let me know what did you get.

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Hmm, thank you a million times :kissing_heart:

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Always welcome :slight_smile: Glad we found the reason


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