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Webflow API (for plugins, apps, and other integrations)

Hello !

Is any plan to provide an api to allow extend/create plugins to webflow ?

With such api advanced users/programmers can develop components to be used in webflow and make it more useful.

Also any beta/working area for the upcoming multipages, otherwise you are risking come with a solution that can not address what most users expect.

Thanks in advance for this great application!


Hi Domingo! We plan on it!

We have a multiple pages beta but that’s in our development branches so our users aren’t able to use it until we push it to all users. Is there some functionality in multiple pages that you are expecting? We’d love to know!


I would like to beta test the Webflow API as soon as it is available. Specifically, I would like to develop plugins for exporting data, integrating React.js components, and custom HTML/web framework code generation.


Checking to see if there are any API updates?


+1 for API beta testing ASAP :smile:


I would love to be able to import data from any Rest API source. This could turn Webflow into a RAD tool rather than simple websites.


Syncing the CMS with outside services (Firebase, etc., perhaps via Zapier) would be incredible. Add user authentication, and you could build anything.


Will be great. I waiting for this feature…


Any updates at all on this would be great. Please don’t leave us in the dark on this (even a small update would be nice). Thanks!


Will appreciate of the api can

  1. allow developers to programaticaly create collection items.
  2. Allow sites to be duplicated via the api

I need API for integration to platform marketing, for marketing team publish article in platform them.
I believe any technology need API to customer


I’m starting to think this API will be Webflow’s white whale…


Would love to work with my CMS DB using an API


I would like to be able to incorporate WebFlow into our automated flow, so we can offer an all-in-one solution. I need:

  • Ability to export a non-cms site via API (critical feature).
  • Ability to retrieve site info (such as date of last edit) via API.
  • Ability to create a new site (assign a template to a new instance) via API.
  • Ability to delete existing sites from the system via API.
  • Ability to add/change/inquire/delete user accounts and passwords (on the fly) via API.

It seems that, from reading prior posts, not much has been happening in terms of developing an API. Can someone please comment on the status of this, as of August 2016?


Can someone please comment on the status of this, as of August 2016?

In active development :smile:

It’s unlikely that we will be able to support all of the abilities you listed, especially not right away - but I appreciate you putting together that list and I will keep it in mind as I continue building out the API.

Can you clarify what you meant by the last item:

Ability to add/change/inquire/delete user accounts and passwords (on the fly) via API.

are you referring to collaborators?


Hello Nathan,

Thank you for the quick response. I am indeed referring to collaborators, when I say “ability to add/change/inquire/delete user accounts and passwords (on the fly) via API.”

Basically, I can write the glue (API calls) to have our system stay in sync with external services required for (or offered to) our customers. I already use API’s to integrate other outside services; everything from establishing their domain name, to creating DNS zonefiles across 5 servers, to creating their virtual hosting directory (site) on a web cluster, and so on.

I would like the ability to create collaborator accounts for customers, on the fly (via API)… and to manage said accounts via standard endpoints… like “/collaborators/list” and “/collaborators/add” (delete, search).

If I were only able to export a site via API, that would be a great start. Next, the ability to add collaborator accounts would be great… I can even live without the others.

Food for thought - if it were possible to add “triggers” (like PayPal does with it’s IPN - instant payment notification, where they POST to the designated URL each time a transaction takes place) to WebFlow sites, to let us know when a site has been updated in WebFlow (and thus should be exported - “published”), then our server would know it’s time to “grab” the site via your export API, and publish it… no human interaction necessary (e.g., export zip, upload using winSCP, ssh to server, unzip into customer’s web directory, make sure permissions are correct, soft-restart apache, etc).



Just include our 2 cents on things we’d love to see in the API:

  • Custom rewrite rules - similar to WP rewrite API

  • Add/Remove custom site meta data - this would open up so many possibilities. Ex. Dynamic phone numbers, addresses, company data, product data, service data…etc. Then the meta data could be used on site pages however you want. This could be accomplished somewhat through JS but has SEO issues if used for vital data, like company Name, Address, Phone, etc. And dropping in API controllable meta data would be way cleaner.


Just to reiterate and strengthen my prior request, think of this scenario:

Our customer service gets a call from an existing client (with a website), asking for certain changes. They open a change ticket, which our graphics designer and front-end person get. The front-end person makes the change in WebFlow (this was an existing site). I now want to publish the new (always non-CMS) site, with minimal human hassle/intervention.

One way would be for our site editor (human) to manually perform your export function, use WinSCP or equivalent to upload the zipfile to our target server, open a secure shell (ssh) on the server, and unzip the bundle to the proper web directory. All this process is unnecessary and error-prone.

Instead, I would create a control panel. Our site editor (human) would choose “update site” on our control panel (on our server, nothing to do with yours). Our server would then make an API call to WebFlow and export the site. You would deliver the zipfile as the API payload, and our automated scripting would take care of the rest.

It would be great to have an “export site” API as one of the first endpoint offerings. This is otherwise a process that gets repeated multiple times per day, and is inherently error-prone. You already have most of the tools in place to do much of the work (your “export” feature)… all that is needed is to create an endpoint, select an auth system (please don’t try and do it yourself), write the glue, and publish your v1.0 specs.

Love to hear that you are working on it, but can we get a timeline on a release? Also, can I have beta access?


And also manage collections items :wink: