Is there a roadmap for Webflow in 2015?

It seems pretty quiet around here regarding proposed features and what’s to come in 2015. Haven’t seen many updates on the platform this year and am wondering if it’s still a good idea to be “all in” on Webflow. Just some communication from the developers would be great.

Please don’t Macaw us!



I agree. It’s been really quit and it would be really helpful to know some things. I’m still wondering why they didn’t at least give us some basic CMS features, such as sharing sites with our clients. It’s getting frustrating.


Agreed. No communication makes people nervous. Including me.


Agreed, I am starting to worry with no real updates this year. The big update promised last year is now 7 month late and no other features.

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Be patient! Great things need time


I’m going to give this thread a bumb, only out of pure interest in an update from the Webflow devs :smile:

I second the bump :neutral_face:

+1 Your product is great, but i have a feeling, that competitors are releasing new features faster, and keep customers better informed.


Agreed. Any input from @cyberdave or @PixelGeek?

While I am usually see sticking up for the webflow guys and telling everyone to be patient, it’s almost August with not much progress this year. I recently had to move a client completely out of webflow and into squarespace so they could update the site themselves. Right now, it is just a static website builder and I think if new powerful features aren’t introduced, there should be a price reduction.


Unfortunately I agree. I have moved few projects out of Webflow completely as my client wanted to have control over it. Right now I’m just storing pages for forum community and for few clients. Also I use Webflow to prototype code (html+css) for my super-secret project.

An update would be great. At least some info from devs about anything that comes to Webflow. @danro?


Hey guys! I understand the frustration that builds from waiting and not seeing progress. Behind the scenes we’ve been working really hard and making tons of progress on so many crazy cool features. Our goal has always been to build a web design platform you’ve always wanted. The good news is we have an announcement coming in August! So get ready! It’s going to be epic.


annnnnd this shut everyone up! Damn. The anticipation is probably the thing that is really bugging everyone. We know something is coming we just don’t know what!

Please be a legit Wordpress competitor, Please be a legit Wordpress competitor, Please be a legit Wordpress competitor,


Eh, don’t think it really shut anyone up. The points were valid, lack of communication and no clear direction for the future. A lot of us have retooled our development process to include Webflow and we want to make sure it is worth our time and money going forward.

I for one, hope it doesn’t try to compete with WordPress on any level because it can’t. It would take away complete focus from the product while trying to be a full fledged CMS platform. Client based management options would be a great feature, but thinking that it’s going to compete with WordPress is a bit unrealistic.

It’s good to hear from the developers on a regular basis to ensure that things are moving forward. Lately the blog is just filled with articles that aren’t related to Webflow as a product at all. If I want design and career advice I have plenty of blogs and news outlets I can turn to.

Hopefully August brings some good news.


Super mega stoked!!! :slight_smile: need any beta testers :wink:

We wouldn’t even try to take on Wordpress unless our solution/product/platform is 10x better. That’s how the we think here at Webflow. :smile:


Heck yeah! We already have a list of super active users but we’ll be welcoming larger groups.


I hope i’m on that list! Keep cracking Sergie!

Ya sorry I should clarify. I meant “Wordpress competitor” not as you guys trying to beat them at their own game but be more in line with their product as in when someone compares you to something it is Wordpress and not just another WYSIWYG front-end editor.

Have to say I really like Webflow, so don’t get me wrong - I find it very useful - but I believe there are a few “gotcha’s” that hold it back from being the number 1 web-designer’s “goto” product. I keep checking the blog for updates but as others have said before there has been ho actual platform news.

Mine and I presume many others wish-list:

  1. Breakpoints - we need at least one more for wide screens, and the ability to tweak these would be brilliant too. We’ve all got 27inch iMacs - widen it up a bit :wink:
  2. Custom header and footer code on a page by page basis.
  3. Modular JS, or only include the JS necessary on build - 129Kb webflow.js is pretty harsh (63Kb manually minified to be fair)
  4. Asset manager - overwrite images, delete images etc.
  5. Block and Pattern libraries, with the ability to share between projects, or even users

August is in 2 days time, hopefully you are able to fit in all my requests :slight_smile: - no pressure