Can we talk about the API

Guys how are we not talking about this more?

“Our CMS API is here, and will become available for all CMS hosting subscriptions! With this API, you’ll be able to read and write CMS data programmatically via code or integration services like Zapier.”

You’ll be able to read and write CMS data programmatically via code: I personally am super excited by this, from the sounds of things we can add CMS data from out side sources? eg: publish a blog post from out side data source and send it straight to webflow and its published automatically? Is this the kind of thing we can do? Lets talk about this guys.


I agree with Daniel. This sounds like an amazing feature and I would love to hear more about it’s capabilities.



I’d like clarification on this too

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I searched for topics on this hoping to find out more. Please Webflow give us some more details on how it works or even some ideas of what we could achieve with this?



Same here. I’m super excited without knowing what talented programmers can achieve at all :slight_smile:

I’m shure there will be a content site to explain more. Can we get a sneak peak please :wink:

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I’m unfamiliar in working with API’s and webhooks - but judging by the sound of it, is Webflow suggesting that we could make CMS posts and updates through different applications other than the Webflow editor?

I’m mostly curious to know if using the API will act as a workaround for mobile users who are not normally able to use the editor. I have a client who wants to use Webflow CMS, but she only has an iPad as her primary device. If there is a solution so that she’ll be able to make CMS changes herself by another method, then I’d really love to know about it – and SOON! – I need to make a decision here whether we go with Webflow (preferred) or go the Wordpress route, which neither of us are keen on…

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Yes this would be possible with the new api… I am testing it out now as I just got access :slight_smile:

Awesome! Let us know how it goes!

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