The New-and-improved UI

The new UI is quite impressive. Kudos to the WF team.
If they could please return the Undo and Redo buttons. I did use them a LOT!
Also - what happened to being able to clear unused classes? If that option is moved, I can’t find it.

There is SO much to explore.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yeah this! Anyone know where I can see the list of all my classes?? I use this feature constantly so am really hoping they didnt remove it!

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Panic Over I found it. Its on the left tool bar now :slight_smile:

If I want to set a variable color to transparent at just one position (e.g. a circle in the background), how does that work now? The switch between variable Colors and the color field is incredibly complicated. And I can’t find the Color Contrast Check function (AA) at all anymore.


I have to say I’ve been on it 30 mins and I hate it, I’m in the middle of building a site and now this is delaying me. It keeps unlogging me. Can’t find how to add colours. No undo. It’s unnecessary complicated now.


Ctrl or Cmd Z will still undo :+1:

and adding a new hex colour? How do you doing that?

@samokja You need a basic element with no color settings. Then instead of “transparent” you can enter a HEX value.

Thanks for the help.

Now I have this, so instead of just changing deep pink to the new colour, I have two colours listed, is there a way around that?

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 14.25.12

Ok seems like you can click on the square and get the palette option again and add hex and custom colours.

IMO - Undo / Redo should not have been moved. Preview should not have been moved. UI Font Size is completely inaccessible (and illegal?) under ADA / WCAG. Change can be scary and I’m sure part of the frustrating is simply needing to get used to new layouts, but the Webflow team made their platform much less pleasant to use. Even their own support staff has shared that they are struggling with readability too. No accessibility widget for users on the backend, no user setting for minimum font size, removed alternating line contrast, and the dashboard/editor do not respect OS minimum font or accessibility settings.

With all of the web lawsuits these days, I’m amazed that this was allowed at all. Not trying to be dramatic or anything, but I literally can’t read the UI elements anymore unless I zoom with the browser, and that destroys breakpoint previews. Sweet! Please partner with AccessiBe ASAP, webflow needs it now more than ever.


Good points. I’m surprised, given Webflow’s recent accessibility push, they’d release something like this. First time I loaded the new dashboard I honestly thought I’d zoomed out until I realised that’s the default text size.

In the race to simplify and declutter UI, this has gone too far.


I agree with most of your points on accessibility, and share your deep frustration with Webflow at the the moment, but please know that AccessiBe and other overlays like it are very problematic. Sites using overlays like AccessiBe have been sued for ADA violations. Widgets aren’t what make sites accessible. There’s no substitute for a properly accessibly built site, which, indeed, Webflow has gotten wrong with its new interface.

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Interesting? I’m using an iMac with Safari and I see NO changes in font size in the UI.
The preview and undo buttons moving took about 5 minutes to get used to.
Now if I can just find where the ‘add color swatch’ went?

Agreed that the Preview move is not a major pain point in comparison, just venting :smiling_face:

We were having issues with the designer and editor in Safari and I was instructed by support to use Chrome a while back. I may have to give Safari another try though; after the update, Chrome UI (page navigation, components, settings, etc) is literally font size 6. Even my dashboard is stuck at ultra small font sizes and breakpoints, so I have tons of white space around the content and can’t even read the URL’s without zooming in. Tons of similar comments but I haven’t noticed if it’s browser specific or not.


Truth. I suppose my suggestion for a widget tool etc was simply in hopes of expediting the process of a fix, but as you mentioned, the best solution here would be for Webflow to change the default sizes back to the way they were or give us an accessibility dashboard of their own.

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100% same - I have been really impressed and encouraged by the accessibility features they integrated into the designer already, and was extremely surprised by this move. Can’t tell you how many times I have checked my page zoom already haha.


Not really happy with the new UI at all. The undo and redo buttons moved and did not work when I got them in the dashboard. I actually had to google to find where. Additionally they were grayed out and I could not redo a change that I usually like to see and then go back to. It deleted a whole section and I had to go to a restore point. 2 hours of hard work into thin air. I don’t know who the team leader was but they made some really bad decisions.


@Jim_Forbes For me the font size is the same on Safari and Chrome (Mac) and it’s definitely smaller. Too small.


Agree with a lot of the feedback above. Did anyone find where the Color Accessibility thing went to?