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A brand new look for the Webflow designer!

You may have noticed that we just rolled out a new design for the Webflow interface. In case you haven’t seen it, it looks something like this:

In the past year, we’ve added a lot of features to Webflow, and over time the interface got a bit clunky and unorganized. After hearing feedback from many of you (thank you!), we decided that it made sense to reorganize the interface so that it’s more functional and future-proof.

Here are some of the major changes:

  • Introduced a top bar to give better context of the current page and the active breakpoint
  • Moved the Add Element panel to the left hand side (remember that you can use the A keyboard shortcut to bring it up)
  • Added a bottom bar to show the path to the currently selected element
  • Moved Interactions from the Settings tab to the Assets tab (alongside Symbols)

This change puts Webflow on a solid foundation for some awesome features (coming later this year :wink:), and we hope that you love it as much as we do!

We know it can be painful to adjust to a new interface, but hope that you understand the reasoning behind the not-so-subtle changes.

As always, we love hearing your feedback, and are completely open to iterating on this design. Let us know what you think. :smiley:



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AWESOME! it looks streamlined now! not alot of clutter and easy to navigate!! its gonna take some getting used to with the add panel being on the right though. but thats a given :smiley:

Love the new look & layout.

I personally would love the ability to auto hide the top and bottom bar, and have them appear when i place my mouse close to the top or bottom of the screen. Much like how we use to be able to send the left sidebar out of the way, which would still be nice to do. Not an issue when working on my huge iMac but makes a big difference when working on my wittle 13" macbook air.

Also, noticed a little glitch when running it on google chrome 36.0.1985.143 on mac:

Click to see what I mean

I also am unable to scroll up and down in the Interactions list (I have lots on my one site and the list is too long for the browser window… but no scroll bar appears so I can’t access all of my interactions)

I’d also personally love the Add menu to automatically slide out when I hover over it rather then having to click.

Just my two cents.
Fantastic work team!


It is fantastic to see these improvement and considering usability.

I was facing problem when the buttons were hidden in the duplicate page panel. It is moved to the top now which is nice.

Thanks for that guys.

But a quick comment, the close button is very different in “Pages” and in “new page” panel. Felt to me it will be nice to have a consistent way in all panels. This way we will avoid user remembering and learning things. and they will go by habit and consistency.

Thanks :smile:


@jaidenraleach Thanks for reporting the two issues - we’re looking into both of them now!

Firstly, I love Webflow. But have found a little bug using the new UI, I am editing some nav text and when I highlight the text the formatting buttons sit over the word so as I can’t see what I am typing, I don’t think that used to happen.

another visual bug

when u access the add panel and scroll to the bottom the last element is interacting with the bottom bar. this becomes more of an issue if u collapse the last panel, widgets. trying to reopen it is very difficult.
running latest stable build of chrome on windows8.1

just to echo what @jaidenraleach said earlier, i am also having scrolling issues with the interactions menu. cant see all my interactions, the bottom bar is blocking.

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Awesome, you guys rock! :smile:

Hey thanks for the update, looking forward to the additional features in the future.
One small remark: If you have quite a lot of different actions you cannot scroll down to the last elements of the list if the list is too long. (on a macbook pro with the latest google chrome browser)

Lovely work guys! Felt like Christmas when i fired up Webflow this morning! Smiles all round!

Thumb. More polished. crisp text rendering

Awesome work guys. Just awesome.

Keep it coming.

Path bottom bar ! Path bottom bar ! path bottom bar !

Let’s see how fast I’m getting used to the ARROWS KEYS change (:


uuuu… this one is very nice.

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Love it! Keep up the good work!!

Another bug, there is no indication on which page user currently is. With previous design, the active page was different(darker) than others.

Otherwise, looks great! :slight_smile:

I think @jaidenraleach summed it up best with

Great work guys. This is really coming together nicely.

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You guys never cease to amaze me. Great job.

Undocking Styles, Settings, Navigator, etc., would be a nice feature for people with large monitors because you can get to what you need faster.

That said, I love the new designer!