Feeling on the new Webflow UI

I’ve been using Webflow for more than 3years now and while I’ve embraced changes for the better, I have found the upgrades flawless until now.

This new UI update makes everything HARDER not EASIER.

Edit: I’ve been now wasting 3 hours struggling with stupid colors when it took me just a few minutes before. That is absolutely unacceptable.

  1. The higher contrast is horrible and makes it eyes-exhausting and hard to focus.

Everything feels mixed up, it is way harder to scan quickly through the features as everything seems to be the same.

  1. The new “color picker” is unbearable, like, no more picker at all??

It is now impossible to create and modify a color directly from the picker… like honestly?
Even when opening the full-page menu for colors and clicking on creating a new variable it seems impossible to do so.

  1. THIS is driving me mad. Half of my clicks are missed and open a tab I need to close. I hate it.

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Edit: They told me no switching back is available, neither nothing to do about the higher contrast.

Am I the only one with that feeling?


You’re not the only one.

My recommendations for Webflow would be to give us the option to revert back.

It also hurts my eyes and for whoever was the genius to make the dashboard font 12 pt. should get a “promotion.”


I have a similar feeling. I also struggle find it better than before, but have been hoping to get used to things…

Looking at the Pages panel makes me feel that it’s less easy to see what’s folders and what’s Drafts etc.

Before a Draft page had a yellow pencil, which was easier to see. Now it’s just a little line and no colour. By far not as obvious!

Similarly, folders are not as distinguishable from Pages as they used to be :frowning:

Also, that tiny Preview button is less easy to use. It should be in a more prominent position and larger – not small in between buttons that I hardly use.


Yep. I agree. Way more difficult to scan and read, I think the font weight is too light which is the problem, if it was slightly heavier then it would be much better.

The save icon is now difficult to spot because it blends with the rest.

The colour thing makes things more complicated.

Also the style cleanup tab has disappeared.


Style clean up is on the left now @TomK


I completely agree with you and another comments!
Working in Webflow has become much more difficult.
You have to strain all the time to understand what is what.
The intuitive understanding of the interface has completely disappeared.
The texts are too small and all the same size.
The visual hierarchy of objects has been destroyed.
The margins and paddings are too small everywhere.
Linear icons are difficult to recognise; they are all lumped together.
What can I say, even the new OK icons in publishing popup just don’t looks right, they’re even hard to see.
The Pages panel can no longer be docked. Now, if I need to find something, but I don’t remember which page it was on and I click on all the pages, then I need to make twice as many clicks.
And in general, list of pages looks terrible, because the icons of pages and folders are big and the same brightness as the names and they are very distracting, it is difficult to read the names.

It looks like they decided to make a stylish design, but completely forgot that this is a working tool and about usability.


YES. They’re going in the OPPOSITE direction of what Webflow is in the essence.
Working is supposed to be a FLOW, not a struggle.


Agreed, especially on the color picker - there are so many ui no-nos in this new one. Takes additional clicks and unnecessary scrolling to do the same thing I was doing before, and no clearly accessible way to globally edit a swatch i.e. when a client asks for something like a slightly bluer blue throughout their site. It feels as if workflow was not considered at all when creating the new color picker.


@sever I think this is a very precise summary. I like the new Webflow branding in general, but the Designer UI needs more work!


I totally agree!

I’m also not a fan of the new line-icons. Its much harder to scan through the UI. And using only black and white for most of the UI also doesn’t help…


Change is hard, but to say that the platform is “ruined” because of a UI update is hyperbolic. I think it’s important to remember that their old UI was (relatively) unchanged since the early days — most of my time on the platform (over 10 years now) was using essentially the same interface. The Conf was less than a week ago, so let’s give ourselves time to get used to where tools/panels live before we refuse to adapt.

That said, there are totally valid criticisms that should be voiced to the team so they can improve the rough edges. Variables are a pretty significant shift in how we’ve controlled swatches previously and I agree there are issues that I’d like to see tweaked.


How about a single page on the most relevant changes in the new UI and how to accomplish those tasks. I’ve been using the tool since 2014 and appreciate the upgrades! Kudos! But we all have real work to complete. I need a fast cheat sheet on some of these questions above.

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Hey @interfacesupport this updates post highlights the few things that changed in the new UI outside of the design. Introducing a new look and feel to Webflow | Webflow Features

Feedback on the new UI is welcome. The way we experience and use our professional tools is deeply personal, so describing how the change affected the usability or accessibility in relation to your preferences or workflow is helpful for the team as we consider ways to continuously improve the new ui design. When applicable, adding video walkthoughs or screenshots with annotations is also very helpful.

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Echoing all the other comments here on the drastic changes being a negative impact from an end user experience.

Having tight deadlines to deliver to on multiple projects is hard enough without having to figure out what is going on with Webflow!

I’m not opposed to changes but there are two that stick out as really poor implementation: Colour and Size.

The UI is too black and makes it difficult to discern different elements of the panels.
And the size of UI elements appears to have become smaller - even in the dashboard is difficult to read - I thought my browser was zoomed out.

Adding new functionality is great, but these changes to UX/UI are not welcome.


I literally can’t look at the new interface without physical pain and eye strain. It gives me actual migraines even after only a short time trying to work. The only response so far from Webflow has been ”Sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it.” This is not good enough. We pay Webflow an awful lot of money, and for that we should have a useable interface that doesn’t literally cause sickness for a significant portion of users.

On top of the (literal!) vomit-inducing new interface, the major changes that were sprung on everyone without warning seem to have been ill-thought out and rushed through to go live in time for the annual conference. Webflow seems to have forgotten that this is a working tool that people depend on. Adding ever-more unneeded complexity and moving things around just for yucks is the antithesis of good user experience. I’m shocked that Webflow released this new UI in the state it is in.

I’m angry about this update. Webflow put some ill-conceived branding vision over the usability of its product. As it stands right now, Webflow is not very usable for me, at all, as long as this terrible new bright white on dark black color scheme stays in place. How the #$%@ are people like me supposed to work with this?!


I agree :100: percent

The UI seems better and more legible on my Surface Laptop than on my gaming desktop, so perhaps the UI has been designed for higher DPI screens.

Was unsure about the branding initially, but it has really grown on me, and the website looks mint!

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The right panel became harder to read and scan fast. Too much black. Tight spacing.
Hard to see when a segment button is active in comparison with previous UI

Don’t know what they did with the font but letter spacing looks to compressed and hard too read in a lot of places. Letters are sticking to each other

The default view on the new support page should not be icons only.
You can only add the labels with the button on the bottom.


Lmao, staff took the liberty to change the title I felt appropriate for what I had to express as my feelings.

For people that actually want to see the original before the staff got involved into what I had to say, here’s the screenshot:

If I wrote “ruined” it is because I feel Webflow is ruined. That’s what I want to express.
If I’m not allowed to put a word on how I feel about the new UI, why bother expressing myself?

Edit: Just noticed I’m blocked from changing the title back to what it was :eyes:

While I love Webflow Youtube videos and email support is super kind, I’m disappointed by the community mods taking the liberty of “subtly” censoring what I want to express.


Wow. @matthewpmunger What happened to your feedback comment from above? What’s the point if you guys are just going to change what we say?

I better screenshot this just in case. :eyes: