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Collection Pages convert to standard page?

Hello I was wondering if there was a way to convert a collection page into a standard page and duplicate it? Currently having an issue with collection pages, whatever I add onto the page it will show across all other collection pages.

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Hello Mustafa,

That’s how collection pages are supposed to work. You create a template and then the data populates it. If you wanted to link to a static page rather then a collection page so you could make the page different from the others, you can do this but you would need to link directly to the static page using the page slug and inserting it into the collection item as a link.

Essential, you’ll be creating a direct link to that static page. I believe that if you still want the other items to go to the collection pages (rather then their own static pages) you would also need to tell the item that if the link block is empty to default to the collection page instead.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Jeff, but is there any way to make a collection page into a static page? And keep all elements the same? Layout etc? Then duplicate pages?

Unfortunately, not that I’m aware of. The only way I could think of that you could do something similar would be if you made the static page, went to the collection page and turned the entire contents into a symbol. You could then go back to the static page and insert the symbol which should give you the same lay out, you could then duplicate the static page.

As I said though, I’m not aware of anyway to convert the collection pages into static pages or duplicate the template pages directly. Sorry.