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Target element style changes from parent class?

I know it’s been asked a few times before but is this a viable feature request? Is it on the road map?


.parentclass a {

Welcome back @pingram3541! It is totally on the roadmap. I would personally love this feature as it would cut down on having to create so many specific class names!

We’ve been working on some critical website components (sliders, navbars, and soon symbols etc), that’s why we have put this feature on the sidelines. We also want you to be able to target selectors like <a>, <section>, etc. The hard part is getting the UX right, but also implementing it.

Great. I think another enhancement might be parent pseudo selectors as well (I know we talked about this in the waaaaay back beginnings of webflow) and I think having the most flexibility with selectors is going to be key in marketing any in-browser editor such as webflow.

.parentclass:hover a {
  /* to change the styling of the child when parent is hovered */

Totally agree! As for targeting an a inside of a class, that kind of functionality we hope to achieve as well when we release this kind of selector support.