Wishlist Update on CSS Classes

Hi there guys,

I feel like I heard there is something in the pipeline for addressing the features brought up in this wishlist idea.

Does anyone know if this is something Webflow is looking at? It doesn’t have a label of backlog or anything and so was just curious about the direction for Webflow and whether this is being considered.

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Pseudo-classes: repeatedly said to be considered or to come, but so far they’re not there yet. I hoped it would come with CMS (makes sense for styling even and odd lines of a grid), I hope it will come with e-commerce :slight_smile: After all, pseudo are our best shot at giving any CMS grid some kind of layout diversity.

As for the rest, it’s kind of already there.

Compound-classes vs. 2 classes: Just declare the 2 classes independently and pile them up in the selector field.

Make sure you’re aware of everything described on this page: http://selectors.webflow.io/


Please expand on the css layering, by giving us granular options for creating single-class or compound rules, and maybe even some complex bits like parent/sibling selectors

Sound good but when you work with a team no way to know someone creates sibling selector (Now you move the div to another section - styles change - Why? hh) + Sound like MEGA MEGA UI/X issue (Endless options) + Adjacent sibling VS General sibling VS child selector --> Not easy topics for non-programmers users.

Anyway Webflow CSS - extra tiny VS WordPress sites (10-20K lines of minifying CSS).

Pseudo-classes - i agree with you.