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Any update on adding style to high-level elements? Like all A, LI, UL, etc?

This is the biggest missing feature in webflow. Add this and the code will be SO MUCH CLEANER. Being able to target all links, all UL’s, all LI’s, etc.

Also, adding the ability to target based on the parent and Webflow will be the de-facto standard for this type of service. For example, being able to style “#content ul li” without having to add a class to each li.

I really think you guys should make this your #1 priority. Everything else works so perfectly.


This, please! Mike is 100% right. The export code would be so much cleaner and not make developers roll their eyes when you show them how Webflow works.

Mike, I feel you. I was using Webflow to build a site a couple days ago and I was banging my head against the keyboard asking “Why do I have to add a class to every single element instead of targeting tags inside of classes??” I get frustrated by this limitation often myself.

We know that targeting elements inside of classes would so much faster and cleaner. We’ve actually designed a solution, but haven’t had the bandwidth to implement it since it’s a pretty hairy change to our selector system.

Just wanted to say that we hear you and feel the same pain you’re feeling. The sooner the better I agree.

More info here:

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I’m sure Webflow is doing everything they can to implement this feature.

What they’ve created so far… is absolutely incredible.

It sure seems (lately) this issue is gaining some momentum among the Designers as well.

It’s funny because they say the same thing

  • it would help Designers sell the tool / idea to Developers.

As a Developer who uses this tool to Design… I agree with the Designers.

Yeah it boils down to speed and efficiency. I’m not a developer, so I don’t worry about having to mess with the code afterward. I’m a designer that wants to design/build websites with less effort and thinking. Nested classes will do just that.


I’m a designer that uses more than just webflow.
but would LIKE to use webflow for a lot of things.

This feature would save me a great deal of time.
please add it asap.