The blindingly obvious feature thats missing that would make webflow unreal

It’s that one small thing that is so powerful that would make Webflow UNREAL.
Selector inheritance or sass like styling.

At the moment with styling h1 h2 h3 p a and other selectors you have the option of globally styling them or adding a class. with all sorts of content type or objects these tags selectors often need fine tuning. this means that you end up putting classes on everything. It’s just a pain. slow and not good for create consistent reusable code.

Can I suggest that a 3rd option is added called relative styling. If global is all h1, h2, p … and a class is localised. a relative stylle could be attached to a container/div and would be would be much more powerful.

consider below.

    .item h1{

      <div class="item">
        <a href="#">more</a>

This type of function would make webflow my go to dev platform.