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How can I target ALL elements within a parent, e.g. #div li, or #div h2?

I feel like there is an obvious answer, but I don’t see how I can target elements within a certain parent like this. At this time do we have to add a specific class to every item?

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Within webflow you’d have to use custom css, something like

#parent * {
/* some special rules */

asterisk is the wild card

Hey @MikeStvnsn we’re going to be working on these kinds of selectors soon. But for now you’ll have to do the custom css route as @pingram3541 mentioned.

It would be great if we can target a item (img, p, div, a, i, strong,…) within a parent with a class.


#myclass img {...}
#myclass p {...}
#myclass div {...}
#myclass [item] {...}


We’re working on this type of flexibility. I agree it makes web design faster/easier than having to add classes to every element. We expect to release in a couple months. Thanks for your patience guys!

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