Sync CMS collections across two Webflow sites?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has spent any time trying to sync collections from one Webflow site to another and if so, what’s the best approach? I thought Zapier may be able to do this, though I need this for non-Ecommerce scenarios and I’m not sure if this is possible with Zapier.

There are other tools I’ve found as well (e.g., Parabola) that may do the trick but I figured better to ask here first!

What’s the best approach people have found?

Zapier, Integromat, Parabola have — or are aiming towards — the same set of tools. Their pricing is different so there’s a wise choice to make here.

Thanks, Vincent. So my one question is – are all of these platforms only offering sync for Ecommerce related functions? E.g., Ecommerce inventory changed? Is there a simplified version for just “CMS collection change” that would work in any of these services? I’m not doing Ecommerce and just want one Webflow site to update when another has a chance in its CMS Collection.

No, not at all, they cover CMS elements.

Hi Vincent. So I’m not sure I understand exactly. When I go to Zapier (as one example) and have the start of the Zap be Webflow, the only options I see are what’s shown in the image below. I was hoping to see something like “New CMS item added…” (or similar).

Am I missing something here?