Show same collection items in different websites

I have several webflow websites and I am looking how to show the same collection items in all websites

Unfortunately there is no way to directly share a CMS across Webflow sites.
Depending on your needs, you can either;


  1. Pick one of the sites as your SSOT ( single source of truth )
  2. Setup automations through Zapier, Make,, etc to automatically duplicate create / update / delete events over to your other sites.

If you have quite a few collections and quite a few sites to replicate to, that automation is arduous work to setup and maintain. I’d look into Whalesync as an option.


Setup either a headless CMS or something like AirTable.
You’d make that your SSOT, and then you can either;

Pull data into your sites using front-and AJAX scripts

Sync data into individual CMS’s using automation / Whalesync.