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CMS items share between projects

Hello Everybody,

I made two websites for a client. One main website with an online product catalog (cms based).

And also a Webshop with an other domain. The Webshop actually uses the same products as on the main page but sells them.

Now when the clients created or changes a cms item (product) in the main website he would like that this item also changes in the Webshop – without adding or changing it twice in two different editors.


  1. I guessed airtable and zapier. but this won’t work since I need an “Webflow cms item” > “Airtable” > “Webflow CMS” workflow. And Zapier only allows me to start with airtable…

  2. Or I could tell him to export the csv file on one database and import it on the other. But then we have the problem with the reference fields and there are anyway too many clicks involved.

any other simple Idea how my client would be able to only change one item on the main site and automatically or at least with only a few more clicks could create the small e item on the other website.

Both websites are hosted on webflow individually.

thanks for your help!


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While not simple the only solution I can think of is to build an app that uses the Webflow API. I personally would have used an engine that allowed read only access to the API of the primary data source, from the frontend.

Thanks for your answer. An automation would be simple solution. But Zapier only offers this “one-way-solution”. Do you know Paragon ( They say it is doable the other way round: Creat or change a collection item, changes the airtable. Then the airtable could change / create the shop website… Sound ok? no?

It can be done with Zapier.

Webflow supports webhooks that can be called when items are created/updated/deleted. And Zapier can be triggered from a webhook.

Thanks for the reply. Sound interesting. Any example where I can see something like this? Can you make something like this?

I’m currently building a tool that keeps your Airtable and Webflow CMS in sync by the click of a button. I think I can take on a webhook integration too. :wink:

Signup for the beta so we can schedule a call and see if I can help you with this webhook integration.