Can you update CMS items in webflow ecommerce using zapier or external API Export?


I am trying to build a marketplace app where creators can add in their own products. Is it possible to use tools like integromat, zapier or parabola to be able to add new products into webflow cms products ?

Hi Sohaan,

The Webflow API allows updating or creating CMS Collection elements.
I have not personally experimented with the ecommerce features, so I do not know what items it uses - I am assuming the standard collection type still stands.
You may want to double check, but the API definitely works for CMS items.

Zapier is already supported, and easy to implement:

You would want to use the “Create Item” and “Create Live Item” actions if you need to update your CMS collection of “products” from the outside.
Adds a new item to a given collection on your published site.

This video may provide more details and show you the extent of what is possible:

Did you ever get this answered/sorted out? We’re trying to do the same thing with Webflow