Sync CMS Collections data between Webflow sites. How to?

Hi. I am exploring the possibility to sync CMS data between two Webflow sites.


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Is it possible? What are the best ways to do so?

Depends, what are you trying to achieve? e.g. is it old to new or a 2-way sync?

Two-way sync is great, but one-way sync will solve the question.

The goal is to create and edit CMS items on one site, instead of a lot of copy and paste each time.

It is possible to do this using the Webflow CMS API, you would need to use a service in between the two sites to manage the sync process. Your mileage may vary using a ‘no code’ solution.

Trying this method:
Webflow Site A → Zapier → Google Sheet → Zapier → Webflow Site B

Other than coding the API to bridge the two sites, please let me know if you know any method better than this.

I would recommend you use Airtable as your source of truth, and use a tool like PowerImporter to sync your Airtable base to each Webflow CMS.

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@anthonychan2509 out of interest, why would you like to sync two Webflow sites?

We’ve used PowerImporter for a few projects and not only is the staff ULTRA responsive to our queries, but the tool is well worth the investment for content your clients are adding to Airtable and you don’t want to manually push the content to the site. It’s saved us 10 hours per month by our best estimates.

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hey @anthonychan2509! Not sure if you’ve already solve this, but I’d also recommend using Airtable as a source of truth and then syncing from that single Airtable to your two Webflow sites.

We’re actually about to launch a 2-way sync feature as part of our Airtable x Webflow Sync at Whalesync which should make this even more seamless.