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Sync CMS Collections data between Webflow sites. How to?

Hi. I am exploring the possibility to sync CMS data between two Webflow sites.


  • Blog posts
  • Products

Is it possible? What are the best ways to do so?

Depends, what are you trying to achieve? e.g. is it old to new or a 2-way sync?

Two-way sync is great, but one-way sync will solve the question.

The goal is to create and edit CMS items on one site, instead of a lot of copy and paste each time.

It is possible to do this using the Webflow CMS API, you would need to use a service in between the two sites to manage the sync process. Your mileage may vary using a ‘no code’ solution.

Trying this method:
Webflow Site A → Zapier → Google Sheet → Zapier → Webflow Site B

Other than coding the API to bridge the two sites, please let me know if you know any method better than this.

I would recommend you use Airtable as your source of truth, and use a tool like PowerImporter to sync your Airtable base to each Webflow CMS.