What's the best way to synchronize collections between multiple Webflow sites?

Basically I want to create, edit and delete collection items in one “master site” and this content should be synchronized to 2-3 different Webflow sites. Unfortunately Zapier does not have a ‘collection item’ trigger. Make or Whalesync could be an option, but I would really like to avoid yet another cloud service dependency!

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Hey Christoffer! Matthew from Whalesync here. Definitely understand the desire to keep the number of service dependencies down.

If you do decide a new one is necessary, Whalesync should be a good option. You can either sync directly between 2 Webflow sites (creates, edits, deletes) OR create a master database in Airtable and sync that to as many child Webflow sites as you like.

Feel free to ping me if you ever have questions there.