Support for Webflow email hosting

So …

1 I want to host my site in webflow, but how to continue with my own email? (
2. webflow offers email platform?
3 Can I use google as a platform? There is a tutorial on how to do this integration?

PS. Email support does not work. (image)

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Webflow (currently) doesn’t support e-mail hosting. You will need to use another e-mail service (such as Google). Google does have a platform for e-mails with custom domains, starting from 5 USD per e-mail address per month. You can check their site out for more information and tutorials at

If you don’t want to pay for Google apps, you can use the free version of gmail to send email from your own email address, you just need to add email forwarding via your web host and configure the settings in gmail, it’s not too tricky. This tutorial is a couple of years old but should still be correct:

I’ve been instructed to add my support for this here!

As a small business many of our clients require email hosting, having this all under one roof would be hugely beneficial for both the client and ourselves. It would also allow us to to streamline our invoicing and technical process at this side

Having support for this would be hugely beneficial it’s a feature we currently have with Business Catalyst and at the moment, and it’s only one feature that is stopping me moving all of my clients over to Webflow full-time.

Yes, Would be great to add in email hosting, especially for custom domains. Let’s see it please :smile:

You can point your domain to Webflow using a cname record.

At the same time… use an MX record to point your domain to a mail server.

They don’t have to be on the same physical box.

Hey guys, we ran into this with our clients as well, but needed a more robust solution than most web hosts provide so we started Mail Human.

Long story short: Cloud email hosting, custom domains, easy migrations, lots of storage, archive options, and other cool features including hosted exchange.

So far we’ve got a few thousand mailboxes hosted and everyone is loving it. Anyway, we’re still getting the ball rolling and hope to have it available to the public later this year. However, if you need something sooner just send me a message. Or, you can keep an eye on our site.

Mods: Please let me if it’s not okay to post this here.

Not trying to step on any toes here…

We offer a Cloud-Based Microsoft Hosted Exchange service as well.

We are not resellers.

We manage our own dedicated geo-redundant Enterprise Class Microsoft Exchange Servers with unlimited number of licenses (accounts). Many of our competitors are limited to 20 accounts per domain. Most of our clients have between 500 and 1000 accounts each.

We also provide the latest and full version of Microsoft Exchange… not just OWA. But if you are a road warrior and only need / want OWA - you get that as well.

Our network is HIPAA compliant, fully SSL encrypted, rides on multiple 10gb tier 1 backbones, and is Certified SSAE 16 Type 2 for medical and legal data

— and again, geo-redundant. If a disaster hits one of our data centers - our servers will automatically switch and pull from redundant servers located in different regions of the U.S. — Business does not stop.

Most of our clients are hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, and attorneys… Though we are moving heavily into the small business arena. (1 to 25 employees).

As for Spam. We manage our own dedicated Enterprise Class Barracuda servers.

Hello, is this reply regarding needing to set up an external email service when hosting with Webflow still valid, or is this feature now built into hosting with Webflow?