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Domain name registration and e-mail services provided by Webflow

Hey guys, is it possible to have an email adress with webflow custom domain hosting? I couldn’t find any info on the forum or into the pricing plans.



Hi @Daniel_Sun, yes, you can have an email address at your custom domain, but you have to set that up outside of Webflow.

For example, if you registered a domain with GoDaddy, they may provide email services at that domain. If you point your A record and CNAME record to Webflow, that only impacts the site hosting side of things, and keeps your email settings with your domain registrar.

One common approach is to use a dedicated email provider (e.g. Google Apps), in which case you’d point your MX records to Google’s servers, and your A records to Webflow’s servers.

At some point in the future, we want to make it much easier to register domains, set up email service, etc through Webflow, but that’s probably a ways off. Today, it’s a bit more of a manual process.

@callmevlad Thanks for clarifying this information. What I would like to have is a one time setup of domain and email inside webflow, just like you said.

I’ll have a try on google apps, thanks again.

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This is a great idea but in the meantime, is there a guide on how to connect Google Apps to Webflow hosting (e.g. shows how to update MX records etc)? This would be really helpful. Thanks :smile:

you wouldn’t connect Webflow to Google Apps. You would connect your domain name’s email records to Google Apps. Then you would connect your domain name’s web host records to Webflow.

Just a small link to add :smile: