Does Webflow host email?

I am hosting my client’s site I’m buidling via webflow. I am wondering if I can make them a branded email address with the webflow hosting package?

If not, what is a workaround?

Hey there. A popular choice is setting the client up with g-suite. The domain registrar may also have an email solution. G suite is generally more user friendly to manage and setup on their devices. It is very secure and reliable. You get all the potential app integrations with api, zapier and the like. For example a lot of CRM are built for G suite. I obviously in this camp (helping the G dominate the web :sunglasses:). I don’t know what office 365’s offering is like at the moment.

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Thanks HammerOz,

Yeah, I usually suggest G-suite (it’s what I have for all my business emails).

So to be clear, Webflow doesn’t offer any email? I find it unusual they offer hosting but not email. First time I’ve heard of this. (godaddy, 1and1, namecheap, whois - they all offer email accounts).

My concern is that the high cost of the hosting for webflow that I have to transfer to the client and then tell them they also have to pay extra for email.

I will see if they want to pay for g-Suite. Thanks for the help.


Hey @northmoniker

Webflow is just for hosting the website on their servers.

Our hosting product is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with several redundancies in place. Our Amazon servers are regularly monitored for unauthorized access and audited. Your website also benefits from two Tier 1 CDNs (content delivery networks), so it’s guaranteed to load fast all over the world.

Webflow is not a domain registar. After registering a domain (I personally use Hover) the domain is pointed at the Webflow servers.

Like @HammerOz, I also refer clients or assist them in setting up GSuite for email.
Hope these answers help.

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