Style Clothing Co. Re-Done Site

I decided that PayPal wasn’t a very good shop platform for updating products. So I turned to WordPress, WooCommerce, and Ultimatum. Using these three tools and Webflow, I recreated my site with using woocommerce as the backend. .

I hope you guys like it. Thanks Webflow team for an AWESOME service. You make designing sites super streamlined

comments and feedback welcome


Looks amazing!
Could you ELI5 how you integrated the Webflow code with the WooCommerce backend?
I’ve been running around like a headless chicken looking for this.

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Thank you! Well I wrote most of the code for woocommerce. I figured out the classes and overwrote them with my own. It’s an ugly way but it works. There’s a way to get the theme going in WordPress using ultimatum. Search the forum. It’s on here.

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