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Webflow eCommerce Theme Giveaway

Anyone interested in selling online using Webflow? :webflow_heart: I built a clean, fully functional theme for eCommerce & already made my first sale with it. I’m a huge Webflow fan & it feels great to have the design freedom Shopify won’t give you. I sell via PayPal button links - they work perfectly & were recently updated by PayPal. Also includes a lot of custom code gold nuggets. Check it out & comment if you’d like to get the theme:

Or just drop me an email. Cheers!:slight_smile:

Nice site!

Two things i noticed as a was browsing the site. I couldn’t buy anything. I wanted to see how it looked when buying with paypal. Some of the collection items was empty and had the default styling to it. Could be nice to style those.

Please tell us the work flow with Paypal buy buttons and Webflow.

Thanks Jorn!

Try to buy something on the site again, I added the PayPal for you to see how it works. You have to generate unique link for every product.

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Thanks for fixing that so that I could try it out.

Hi @khalada.
We’ve already chatted some, but I’d be curious how many Webflow users would be interested in a Foxy version of your ecommerce theme.


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404 error for me when trying to view the website

We added a new domain, try

I’m not necessarily interested in the theme per-say, but I see huge value in using Foxy on something with multiple products (as opposed to a PayPal link per product) as you have the option to buy multiple products in one transaction.

Yeah, you can’t do that with PayPal.