Style Co. Designed in Webflow Built on OctoberCMS

The title says it all. This a fully responsive website built on OctoberCMS and designed in webflow. It’s a complete site redesign inspired by other streetwear brands like KITH, Nike, Undefeated, 8&9 MFG, and more.

The design was researched a ton. We only wanted to keep certain qualities and make sure the site was fast and easy to comprehend and navigate.

without further ado here’s the link:

Let me know what you think in the comments :slight_smile:


I had a look around the site and added some stuff to the basket. Looks great and seems to work nicely!

I’ve had a look at a few different CMS options but hadn’t come across October. What was your main reason for using it? What were the main issues you ran into? And what are you using for the cart, checkout and membership area?

My main reason for using OctoberCMS was how clean the backend interface was, how quick and easy it was to build on it, and simply because everything just works.

I’m using plugins that are on the marketplace for October. Most of it is free. The plugins I used was:

JKShop (eCommerce)
and a Social login plugin

Main issues that I ran into was that the eCommerce didn’t have inventory management on a per property basis and that you can’t change the coupon codes.

Just woke up so if any of this sounds broken let me know, lol.


@artistro08 Sounds good I’ll have to give it a go at some point.

We’ve used SnipCart for a few sites, which can be integrated with Webflow and could be with October as well. It does have some basic inventory management.

Snipcart was my second choice. but JKShop had more from what I needed. They are both well rounded though