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Clothing Co. Website Done in Webflow

I’ve been using Webflow for some time now. I even have a couple of other people’s websites done. I love Webflow and it’s constantly evolving mindset.

This website is my for my clothing company Style Clothing Co. I feel like Its almost done. It needs a little more work though

here’s the website:

I have some PayPal “Add To Cart” buttons in the website to receive payment. They also have custom code and SVG graphics to match the site.

Tell me what you think guys!


@artistro08, I give you a big thumbs up :slight_smile: Nice job :slight_smile:

This is a really solid site! Great design and content. Some spacing issues between a text block and the slider arrow being too close here:

Small nit but overall it looks great.

Very nice bro! btw I like the your content, just thinking which one to choose from!

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Thank you :smiley: that awesome :smile: