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Style Clothing Co. - eCommerde Site built in Webflow

First off, i just want to say that Webflow is truly awesome. I wouldn’t haven’t been able to design this without it.

Now down to the site! I created (almost) everything on this site in Webflow. The search engine that I use is Swiftype (awesome service) and The eCommerce is simply PayPal’s shopping cart feature and embed widgets with a little tweaking of the code.

Designers link:

All content of the site was created by me as this is my clothing company.

Feedback is MUCH appreciated.

Great work, really beautiful, Webflow has great potential with e-commerce stunning sites can be created with it.

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Huge work done! Congrats!
The upload time of your site is too long for you have too big images where unneeded.
The Webflow gives a hint whenever your photo is big (yellow triangle):

It was nice to look the other person’s site - I’ve learned that rotate effect which you applied to the yellow square on the divider :slight_smile:

Thank you! and I know. I’m gonna go through all the pictures and compress them. site load time is very important to me. :smile: Nice to know that you learned something :smiley: