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here’s a webflow eCommerce website that i’ve just finished. its got paypal embedded into it for eCommerce. i would love some feedback on this :smiley:

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great, did you do whole page in the webflow?
how did you do, when product photo is poped out/enlarged to change for another photo,

yes i did. and its a different page. it goes to a different page with a larger photo

Love it! This is exactly what I want to do with my site. Did you do the selector forms in webflow or embed code?

embed code with paypal. I was able to customize the buttons also its on the paypal website

Wow, this is amazing! Can’t believe this is all in Webflow :smiley:

If you ever have time, it would be awesome if you could put together a tutorial on how you integrated with PayPal to help other users who may want to do the same.


Awesome!! I am going to try to find this. Can you put a link to the paypal page that shows you how to customize the buttons?

Also, maybe I am just a novice but how did you do the mouse over elements on the shop page? Did you use the image as the background and have a gradient box over it with the text that fades in from transparent?

Actually its quite simple! all you have to do is add a hover effect and a transition. my text just goes 50% transparent oh hover. you can find the hover setting on the top of the paintbrush or styles panel. its in the top right. just change it to what you want it to do, and go to the original state. then go to transitions down at the bottom and add an effect.

As far as paypal, it’s a cart system built by them. All you have to do is go under your paypal account hover over profile and go to my selling tools. there should be a link that says buttons. click that and you’ll have to add all the information you want for the product

Idk when I’ll have time but i did post a comment explaining it :smiley: