Student discount code

I got a student discount code but when I try to use it I get a notification that says

“Cannot use Promo Code: Promotion only available to students”

I’m logged in with my university’s mail, witch I used to claim the promo code.
How do I tell Webflow I’m a student?


Facing the same problem. Please anyone help here

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Facing the same problem, did you received a response ?

Same issue here,

In my case, i already have a normal account and i just modify my mail to my university’s mail.
The new mail was approved for student discount. However, i got this notification too

Cannot use Promo Code: Promotion only available to students

This problem is not new apparently.

Hi, how were you able to resolve this issue?

Hey @Favour, @sonnyra and co,

This seems like a sensitive account issue, and we’re here to help. It is likely we’ll need to investigate and discuss your private account details. Could you please contact our Customer Support Team at Webflow Support?

One of our Customer Support Team Specialists will be able to investigate and respond via email! Thank you so much!

What ended up fixing this?

I have the same issue but what seems to be causing the issue because no one has responded to me