Student Discount Code Not Applying

My student discount that is linked to my school-provided .com email address is not applying. I answered yes to question one because it is indeed a school-provided email address, and the domain seems to be whitelisted as I was almost instantly approved; however, it will not apply. I tried emailing, but it looks like that email address is no longer moderated. Can someone ensure this issue gets fixed?

Because it’s not possible to reach out to support via their dead email address or via (since it has a button to email the support team that does nothing when clicked, along with a button that links to these forums, and another button to hire Webflow Experts, which is not what I need), I’m pinging Webflow staff member @PixelGeek to help me get this sorted out - the details of my issue are in the post above.

I have the exact same problem. Please If you find some kind of solution and can share it, would be much appreciated!
Thank you

Unfortunately, Webflow’s support team has not yet been able to help me with my issue (that I have confirmed is also happening for other people as well) - this needs to be fixed, and as such, I’m pinging another member of the staff team, which would not be necessary if their support email address wasn’t disabled and if their support portal actually worked. So if @Emily_Lonetto could please have a look at my first post above and raise it as an issue with the support team, that’d be great; otherwise, I’ll need to ping additional staff members over the coming days until I get a reply and this issue gets fixed.

Hey @nh618 & @ptomasc :wave:

Escalating this internally - hold tight.

Hey @nh618 & @ptomasc following back up - can each of you shoot over the email that you’re trying to use to access the discount :slight_smile: there’s a few reasons why this might occur.

Some possible reasons include:

  • not using an @edu email
  • already having a promo code in place
  • educational institute not recognized

However if you DM your emails, I can check out personally.

Sent a DM over to you!

@Emily_Lonetto Just a reminder that I sent a DM over to you.

@Emily_Lonetto I went ahead and re-applied twice for the student discount - the first time answering yes to if I have a school email (as again, it ends in .com but was provided by my school and is a part of my school’s domain), and the second time answering no to the question. It has been almost a month since I first opened this topic after applying twice for the student discount earlier in the same way I just did, and even so, I still have yet to receive a code from way back then, and it’s been significantly longer than the eight days that the form estimates.

Of course, this probably wouldn’t have even been an issue in the first place had the form been worded correctly, such as “Do you have a school-associated email address that ends in .edu?” This shows us a clear flaw in the way your form currently works - if the answer is yes to the first question, send the coupon code to the email address specified. And on the website when you try to use the coupon code, there’s an additional check which makes sure that the domain is .edu, which is a problem because this was not properly communicated to the user in the form.

With all of that being said, I am still waiting on the coupon code that should be delivered to the email address I DM’d to you eleven days ago. No, I’m not using a .edu email because the one assigned to me by my school is a .com email. Yes, I already have a promo code, but it cannot be used because of the additional .edu check that runs when I attempt to apply a code that’s specifically meant for domains ending in .edu. Yes, my educational institute is a public school, and as such, should be recognized.

Hey @nh618 - my apologies for the delay here! I passed this along to our team internally, but we recently had a change of staff and this must have been lost in the mix. I’ll re-escalate this to get this handled.

@Emily_Lonetto I am also having the same issue trying to apply my student discount. My school email domain does end in .edu – I don’t already have a promo code in place

I’m having the same issue as well, site needs to be up urgently

@saury201 have you already applied through the student page? :slight_smile: If so, can you DM me your email?

@nicolasandrew if you’ve already applied through the students landing page, can you DM me your email? :slight_smile:

Hey @Emily_Lonetto, just letting you know that my student discount has been successfully added to my account thanks to someone from the Webflow Classroom team - it appears as though my student status wasn’t automatically enabled because my email address didn’t end in .edu, and looking at other people’s comments in this thread, this is probably the issue for everyone who’s having trouble redeeming their promo code.

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Thanks Nathan, we’ve connected with the team and are finding alternative solutions for non edu emails :slight_smile: thanks for the flag

Hey @Emily_Lonetto!

I encountered a problem with applying the promo code. I just can’t find the CMS site plan. Does this plan still exist? I tried to apply for a Freelancer plan but I failed. Message said: “this code is not valid for this purchase”.

I tried many way but cant reach a support. I only found this thread. Can you please help me?

Hello @Emily_Lonetto , same problem that the previous comment ! I received the code, but my email address does not end with .edu. I receive a message “this code is not valid for this purchase” when I start to apply the code. Any help please ?

Hi @Valaczka_Lorant - looks like you’re trying to apply it to a workspace plan.

You can add it to a CMS plan by going into the settings on any project and then clicking “Plan.”


@benjaminhoocq - can you please shoot a message over to with the email you’re using to sign up and we’ll make sure to get that fixed.