Student Discount not applying

I got a student discount code but when I try to use it I get a notification that says

“Cannot use Promo Code: Promotion only available to students”

I’m logged in with my university’s mail, witch I used to claim the promo code.
How do I tell Webflow I’m a student?


Hey-- I’m also having a student promo code issue. Nothing is happening when I put the promo code in. When I paste it in and click “apply,” nothing happens.

Did you put your credit card details in before trying to apply the promo code or did the message appear before?

Were you able to resolve the issue?

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Facing the same problem

anyone has this issue resolved?

does anyone have a solution to this there is alot of comments about student discounts not applying

I am also facing the same issue. Anyone got the fix?

Just submit a support ticket and they will get it back to you pretty quickly. I just emailed them 7:57pm, and they solved it at 8:05pm.