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Starting from scratch

Hi-- I’m a complete Webflow newbie and I’m even having trouble STARTING to build my site. I’ve laid my site out and know exactly what I want to put on it, but I’m stuck (Here’s a link to the basic layout)

It’s still a little rough in spots but as as you can see, it’s a really straightforward design. A static page with one or two links to the second page. I’d like the links on the top of the cards on Page 2 to bring up different copy which will fade in from the blank card in the front and fade out as the visitor chooses another card/link. And a link to download the résumé. That’s it.

I really want to learn to build sites, but at the moment, I’m overwhelmed. Is there documentation that would help me understand what to do, step by step? I love the videos, but they go by really fast and I have a feeling that what I need to do is spread among several of them, surrounded by more advanced things. I don’t understand so many basic concepts like the difference between containers and sections. And what is meant by Dynamic Content? (Heck, I can’t even find how to put in a background image!) I suppose the ideal would be an online “Webflow for Dummies”, but any and all help will be greatly appreciated.



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Just some thoughts:

Webflow is just a tool but I think it is necessary to understand the basics and what youre doing with webflow.
So therefore I d suggest to dig in some html / css basics and then with that understanding come back und try sth in webflow.

Cause if there is some trouble or you need to change sth you need to understand what is going on and why sth happens in order to fix it.

Before learning how to drive a car you should do the theoretical part ;P.

HTML and CSS ressources are a lot our there. Then the rest is easy to do in webflow…try…and error principle ;P.


Thanks for the thoughts, Daniel.The reason I’m here is, Webflow said I could “Design, prototype, and launch dynamic, responsive websites.All in your browser, without writing code” I’d like to learn the intricacies of code, but I was also hoping what I wanted was simple enough that I could get the site up so my wife could use it to find a job. After I get the basic site up, I’d love to take a course (even Webflow’s own,depending on price), or, as you said, find something on the Web, But at this point, I was hoping someone would just point out the pedals and mirrors and let me drive around a Walmart’s parking lot at 4 am, haha.

Yeah sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: what I meant is that you dont necessarily need code knowledge to use webflow. But its handy and its always good to know why webflow does things the way you can see it…therefore.

But the best is just try it out. Its fairly simple as most of the visual designer tools out there.

Also on youtube webflow has its own channel. There are a lot of videos there and also quite a lot “how to make this site” explainations. There you can simple follow how to build a specific site in real time.

Webflow on youtube

Besides just start a sample project and when there are questions, post them into the forums. People are really helpful and answer almost every question you have. With that you also learn a lot …


I have to agree with @Daniel_Schultheiss, most likely cause of not being able to build your website is the lack of knowledge. I highly recommend you to start here - You need to know the basics before constructing your layout, when to use a div, h1, etc. Also check out

Quick tip: Section is a full width layout that spans 100% width of the screen, container is about 980px wide and always sits in the center of the screen.

Hope this helps you like it did for me.


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