Help please - new one page website - general issues

Hi everyone - I need advice from the designers and more advanced users here. I have no experience of design and html apart from what I have taught myself. I am re-designing a one page business website for my company and I just do not understand some of the basics of this. I am happy with how its looking so far but I have major questions which I need help with. NB If this is in wrong section please do put into the correct section of forum.

Please take a look and send your advice and suggestions.

Navigation bar: How do I set this up so that it moves to top of page - no matter what location of the webpage you are looking at?

Background of new sections: How do I change the background colour for the different sections, but without affecting the headings on the navigation bar?

Footer: How do I insert a footer with contact information and links?

I really am hoping someone could take a look and as this is very basic information someone can point me in the right diredction.


First, it can be helpful if you share your webflowsite link with us so that we could see how you set things up and give you suggstions. Instructions to share your read-only site link here

Navigation bar: If I understand you correctly, you’d like the navbar to always be visible at the top of the browser window when users scroll down. If you have placed your navbar into a section, or div then you can simply set the position of that to “fixed”. This will keep the nav bar always “fixed” to the top of the browser view area.

Backgrounds: I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking here. If you have given sections unique class names then you should be able to change the background of one section without effecting other sections.

Footer: You can simply add a new section at the bottom of your page, name it footer and then make it a symbol which can be added to every page and edited in one place. More about symbols here:

Let us know how it goes!


Here is the share

I am a total beginner with this and struggling badly!

Hi again!

To fix your navbar to the top of the browser, you need to set the position to “fixed” and then give it a 100% width (see image)

As for the other questions you have, I looked at your site and the structure seems a bit odd to me as an outsider. I noticed that you placed a large image “mainback” inside the top container. But, I think you should have set it as the “background image” for the top Section surrounding that container. You also seem to be using empty paragraph elements to position and padd between items. Have you watched any of the helpful Webflow tutorials yet? They are very good at helping to build well-structured pages. They might benefit you here too…

Here’s a short one on Page Structure:

Here’s the whole course:

As far as coloring sections… If you give each of your sections unique class names, such as “section-1” “section-2”, etc you can change the background color of each one without affecting others.

And same for the Footer. If you add another section at the bottom of your page and give it a unique class name, such as “footer”, you can then change the color and add your footer elements, links, etc. within it.

Hope that helps a bit.