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N00b here from TN

Hey guys first time caller, long time listener. I recently made the switch from WIX to Webflow and I must say at first it was pretty overwhelming and frustrating switch. Imagine not knowing what a div block was…that’s where I was at lol. With the help of this forum as well as youtube I was able to quickly figure out the basics of structuring a web page as well as some pretty interesting tips and tricks to help my pages set themselves apart. I look forward to helping myself and this community grow and take our work to the next level.

I attached my personal site I am working on. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Doug and welcome in!

You’re definitely at ease with Webflow when you know the web concepts and technologies. Such as the DOL, HTML structure and elements, the flow of elements, the box model etc. The great thing is that Webflow absolutely respect all those things, and is only a UI for them, so you can learn about them anywhere and instantly benefit from your knowledge in Webflow. If you want to spend a little time and money in a proper web course (like learning HTML and CSS at but there’s also free course), you’ll immensely improve your skills in Webflow.

Working with Webflow means working with all the resources the web has to offer. You’re not limited by this forum and Webflow University site, you can Google your Flexbox, Grids, CSS, JS problems and find appicable solutions. Only the IX part is a Webflow thing (but even this module is using web tech that you can understand, not under-the-hood magic).

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Thanks for the insight, I will definitely check out that code school for a deeper understanding and your blog looks to have some great content as well. I am getting a pretty good grasp on using most of the tools in the style panel and I am to the point now where I want to know why something is happening when I tell it to happen, some of these tools I know how to use but don’t fully understand how they work and correlate with other components.

And you will, understand why things happen, what the correlation are, fully. For each CSS property you use, take a little time to read about it, how it’s formed, what the specs are. You’ll notice what values are supported by Webflow and the ones that aren’t. Little by little it will make sense. When you Google a property, there’s always a link, it’s a very good reference site, make it your best friend.