Need help with layout problems

I am trying to figure out why I cant get my pages to look like actual pages! So frustrating considering with hand coding, you dont have to worry about the page not stacking elements on top of eachother by itself! Every single section/containe/div block/ANYTHING just displays on top of one another rather than next to eachother like a normal page. Currently, my content section is sitting on top of my hero image and I have no idea why because I didnt place it there, I placed it underneath the hero image in the class higherarchy tab. So o clue as to why its displaying on top of it! So frustrating, hand coding is so much easier. URL;

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Hey @gschultz

There are many elements set to fixed in your design. Fixed elements use the browser widow to reference where they should be positioned. They ignore all other elements around them.

So what would you do in this scenario? Im an extreme newbie with webflow so I have no idea how I would go about fixing this issue, I jus dont understand why everything is displaying on top of one another. Theres no flow at all and I dont get it because in every tutorial I watch, its nothing but beautiful websites that look like they have no flaws wahtsoever on any device and nothing is stacked on top of anything.

The issues you are having aren’t specific to Webflow – they have to do with how positioning works in HTML and CSS.

There are several ways to get the layout that you want. As AlexN alluded to, I’d remove all of the fixed positioning and reset to auto (and reset all of your margins and padding), then play around with using Float and Clear and set new margins and padding. You might want to consider moving your text blocks into a div (or two), and using CSS to create the semi-transparent areas that are currently part of the background photo. Using Webflow’s container is also a good idea because it responds well to multiple devices. (Not that I’m an expert. :wink:)

For general positioning, I’d suggest doing some research outside of Webflow.

Sorry not to be more helpful! :grinning:


Check out this page for some solid information on how many of the css parameters work.

If you are having trouble with positioning or want to better understand the basic aspects webflow, I always suggest new Webflow users watch all of the videos over at It will save you a lot of time and frustration. Good Luck!

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