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How do you use a Div box?

Hi, Im so excited to start learning about how to use WebFlow. I’m a graphic designer but know zero about coding. I can design a web site mockup but couldn’t build it to save my life. I’m just starting to use Webflow and I can’t get past the basics right now. I can’t figure out how to use a Div box. I can’t make something just fit in the center of the top of the page (like when you make a menu bar) and I can’t figure out why images are super large when placed in a Div box. It seems so backwards from using Photoshop where you just place an object where you want it. In Webflow you have to build blank containers and position them and THEN you can add image and text last. This is taking me hours to figure out even after watching the tutorials all day yesterday. It doesn’t show you how to build a web site from scratch with just a basic menu and a hero section. It just shows you the elements of the program and you have to figure out how to use it. I ultimately want to use interactions to make cool animated and parallax scrolling effects but I’m struggling with just making a Div box that makes something that resembled a top menu bar. Lol

Hi @pkaiken
Did you watch this tutorial? It cover all the basics in a very good way…

You can download their files, see the live demo and also open the project in webflow to see how everything is done.
Once you learn the basics from this tutorila, I would recommend you to learn about flexbox (the tutorial above where made before Webflow got Flexbox). Flexbox makes it easier to position your content… just keep in mind that Internet Explorer is having a hard time reading a site using lots of flexboxes.

Hope this helps.

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