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Help with Webflow layout

Hi guys!

I need some advice, I am a very capable graphic designer, I have been building prototypes for websites etc for a while using Adobe XD, this is my first time using Webflow. I’m currently in the middle of designing a website and I just can’t get to grips with the whole layout system.

Why is it so difficult to centre buttons etc inside of a div box? am I doing something wrong, when I try to centrally align a button it just makes the border of the button the length of the page!

I used to use WIX etc to build websites, so as you can imagine I am used to freely moving elements around the page with smart guides to help me align my sites, but I know that Webflow is far more powerful so I really want to learn and master this platform!

All the different elements and layout options are very intimidating and hard to fully understand, coming from a newbie I’m wondering if there is anything an experienced web-flow user could recommend to help me understand how to use the layout to my advantage.

Here are a variety of the simple things I am struggling with in Webflow :

. Creating multiple pictures the same size, next to each other, with buttons underneath of them all centrally aligned.

. I struggle when it comes to picking an element ex. container, section, div box etc, what is best to use for what?

. Creating a uniform site with alignment throughout the whole page.

. Building shapes/icons? How do I build a simple rectangle or circle and place it where I want? can I click and drag elements on the page freely without being tied to certain parts of the page?

You can imagine my struggle coming straight from AdobeXD, I am used to smart guides, keyboard shortcuts and freely moving my elements etc, do I just need to give myself time to adapt to this platform? is there an intensive course where I can learn to build a website in Webflow with guidance/tutorials ?

Learn the box model. Then learn flex. The university has lots of rich well thought out content. You have to invest the time to understand why and when to use the different tools. Watch the video builds by @nelson. Listening to people hammering out approaches can really help you.

Some of use are deep in the weeds we forget what it took to get there. Lots of hours and study. Print is dead, long live HTML.

Hi @Enver_Mehmet,

I know the pain! If you have no experience developing for the web I would not recommend to dive directly into creating some by yourself on Webflow. My first project ever was this tutorial:

Try different tutorials with different approaches to get use to the panel and tools. There’s no PERFECT way to use Webflow and you can create your own workflow on it.

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