Spamming emails from forms

Hello Guys, I am facing some strange issues with forms.

At least for a month, we’ve been receiving strange emails from users. They usually have email and name but don’t have either phone number at all or full number.

When I check them from webflow settings, they usually have a very sketchy body text. Most probably They are spammers. On they are also detected as spammers. (I don’t know how much this website is reliable. I came across it the first time).

I want to know what are the best ways to fight against it. Right now we are getting several of these kinds of users on Pipedrive and it is not the best experience for the team.

What I thought for now is:

First - add recaptha as suggested on university webflow
Second - maybe add some additional logic to Zapier to not create persons/deals on Pipedrive if the number does not exist.
Third - add additional js validation on form pages. The form can’t be submitted if all fields don’t pass them.

I wanted to ask if this plan is ok? Or if you have any other suggestions.

Cleantalk is a reputable form spam blocking provider. There is no direct integration with Webflow since it operates at the application layer.

I had similar issues with multiple client sites and ended up migrating form processing off Webflow to a third-party provider called Basin which is compatible with Webflow. Basin Integration | Webflow University

Problem solved. There are other options at Integrations | Forms & surveys | Webflow University