Webflow Forms Being Spammed - Ramping Up?!

Hi everyone

Is anyone else experiencing a sudden and ridiculous uplift in spammy form submissions on your Webflow sites?

I also note that it seems like the form itself is being bypassed in some way? Certain hidden attributes (such as the URL field you’ll see in the screenshots below) aren’t passed through with the rest of the form data for these submissions, almost like submissions are being made “directly” rather than from on the page, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Here’s a couple of the types of submissions we’re seeing. One of our sites is receiving 10-15 of these per day. Very annoying! As with other people reporting this, reCAPTCHA seems to do nothing.

This was happening to lots of people earlier in the year. Webflow took some internal steps to combat it and it tapered off some. Maybe the spammers found a new vector. I will refer you and anyone else having this problem to an official post in the forum. See →

I migrated all my form processing off Webflow completely to usebasin.com and am free from this scourge.

Thanks @webdev , I’ll take a look at that!

It’s definitely kicked up ten notches recently!!

Jeff has given me a lot of great recommendations and Basin is one of the best. I have 50 clients running in a single Basin account and they are all blissfully spam-free.


Big problem for us at the moment. Getting it everyday

@Ejay - Webflow has been unable or unwilling to fix this issue based on community feedback I have seen. Third-party solutions to this issue exist and can be found in the university under integrations.