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Solutions to get rid of lots of spammy form submissions / emails?

Education Client is getting increased of unwanted emails and form solicitations, mostly out of country SEO services or gibberish on contact page and lead submit forms or email, about 10% domestic and 90% international.

We don’t want to use captcha on lead submit pages forms because it hurts conversion rates but having it on contact page form is fine.

I have decent click fraud prevention tools for the PPC and most PPC forms submit of fine, but 98% spam form submit is from SEO or Direct or Referral traffic.

We don’t want to blacklist IP international because some good leads come from that but have a list of known blacklist IP.

I’m curious if anyone here has similar issues and would like to know about some Webflow solutions (that’s not capcha) for curbing spam form submits.


You don’t indicate if you are using the Webflow form processor or something else. Webflow does support reCaptcha but it is an all or nothing affair. All forms or no forms. There is no way to do IP filtering or a honeypot field. So if this does not cut it then your option is to go with a third party. Which one? Depends on your budget and features. I use UseBasin with a honeypot ( plus their builtin askimet integration, adding reCaptacha to an individual form when needed.

The list of third party form processors is pretty good so visit the University “Integrations” page to see your options.

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