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So now that the $20 a month plan has been taken away to force everyone to a higher tier (which keeps happening year over year with plans), why does Webflow continue to nickel and dime us by making us pay frivolous fees for editor branding, collaborators, and SSL?

It used to be feasible to pay for access to the designer, export and use a different CMS, but now we’re forced to pay an extra $22 a month just so that we have the privilege of paying more for other features.

Either your business and pricing models are working and helping you to sustain growth or they’re not, but don’t punish your users because of it.


:sob: I think we need to know what can we expect from webflow in the future.
This make me think they don’t have enough paying customers to cover the cost.
Webflow it’s the next “take eat easy”?


This is a mouthful of lemon juice I must say. A heads up would have been really helpful to help us plan ahead of time.


hmm that is a real shame. So by the time you account for my exchange rate this equates to almost 50 AU dollars a month. Keep in mind i already pay $57 a month for CC which btw comes with a entire collection 20+ apps your own portfolio website, premium fonts & 20 GB of cloud storage!

The personal plan price for me was kind of a sweat spot as far as pricing goes so its a real shame its gone with no explanation.

So im wondering what was the plan for people on the personal plan? Just roll them over to the Professional plan when its time for renewal? Was there anything in place to notify you that “hey we’re going to charge your CC twice as much this year” ??



I’m cool with “going pro”, client billing is a really nice feature, more sites are handy I suppose even though I don’t need them right now, I find incredible/unmatched value in the actual designer for myself - I can make any UI that I put together in Illustrator a real functional thing & tweak/improve upon it on the fly 1000 times faster than if I were still hand coding. I’ll never be a fan of the “pay more to put your agency logo in the CMS on a per site basis” model, especially now that I have a $42 dollar a month professional SaaS account & already add additional revenue to the platform by bringing the client into the CMS. That’s another topic altogether.

The price bump to hosting that was also mentioned in the Typeform questionnaire sent out about a month ago is what scares me. Still no road map for real file hosting, real pagination, real built-in search. The lack of these basic/standard CMS features coupled with any kind of hosting price bump could really make the CMS a harder sell when so many “cheaper” or “more popular” hosting/CMS options (as a project lead or stakeholder may say) offer this stuff out of the box & you don’t even have to wonder if they are included. I just don’t want to have to explain away why I may have to use “workarounds” to achieve the same functionality as a basic/barebones Wordpress blog/news site to a client making them feel like we should maybe go another route.

In addition to that, I’m concerned about how the lack of these basic CMS features would adversely affect bringing other more experienced or traditional developers over into the platform. I know an API is in the works in addition to a “marketplace”, which may address some of these issues. I just hope I won’t also be paying for some kind of per site monthly SaaS pagination module/plugin/widget too one day on top of these changes (Shopify model anyone? not gonna lie, its trash…) So new Webflow pricing, CMS hosting price hike?, white-label increase?, monthly third party marketplace module/plugin/widget fees? How deep does the rabbit hole go?

I still got love for Webflow though, but I am kind of scared they are going to vanish into the thin air like Keyser Söze one day.


^^ This.

We need some transparency @thesergie & @callmevlad.

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Hey @jwburkhard @AntonioBalderas @AlexManyeki @Sveky @Mogeek, I wanted to address your concerns and clarify some things about the recent changes.

We’re running some experiments with the pricing plans we offer to new accounts, and there is absolutely no impact to any existing customers - you will be automatically grandfathered at the price we previously promised to you. If you’re happy with the Personal plan, you can stay on it forever. (In fact, we’ve also expanded the Personal plan to not count hosted sites against the 20 site limit, so the plan is actually getting better for the same price.)

Everyone at Webflow recognizes the commitment of all of our early customers — your early support and belief in our team was critical to our longevity and success, and keeping Webflow working as expected for all of our existing users is an important value for our team.

We’ll continue adding powerful new features to all of our plans, including the Personal plan. There are many improvements around the corner, including Responsive Images and Interactions 2.0, and these will be available on all plans.

I wanted to put your mind at ease - if you’re already on an active plan, you are automatically grandfathered at your existing price. You will not be forced to upgrade. With that said, there might be some awesome advantages of moving to the Pro plan in the future (like unlimited editor white labeling! :wink:), but all of these will not take any existing features away from you — and you can make the decision on whether that upgrade may be worth it for you.

I hope this helps clarify the direction we’re going in — the overarching goal is to actually make our pricing plans much simpler and more predictable, meaning we’ll be moving further and further away from the add-on model over time.


@callmevlad that sounds great! I’ve got an idea for an easy step in that direction: You might want to disable the monthly(!) recurring 5 bucks for changing your Webflow logo to a company logo on the payment page with client billing. :wink:

Thanks for clarifications, as always.


I have a personal plan that I recently canceled due to lack of funds and a desire to see what would happen, as I have been testing out Webflow for a few months now. I just got some money and decided to “uncancel” before my plan downgrades to the free plan, as I convinced my only customer to pay me. I went to “uncancel” yet didn’t see an option. Now I see the price hike.

I have two days left on my Personal Plan. Is there a way to continue on the grandfathered plan still?



@JasonG Yes, of course, just shoot us an email to and we’ll set you up!

@callmevlad Thanks for clarify this and please the next time, WF should share this changes on Twitter or Facebook and please share more updates and news on twitter it’s sad to go there and the only thing you see are retweets and one more thing stop saying (Not ETA).

@callmevlad Thanks for clarifying that. The reason why there was so much concern is that the Personal Plan is the sweet buffer zone for those months where everything goes uphill. An ideal situation, at least for me, would be the ability to switch between the two plans as per my needs for the upcoming month. Is something like that possible?

Besides that, I am super excited to hear about responsive images and INT 2.0. Keep 'em coming.


Totally agree with @AlexManyeki. The personal plan is like a safety net.

I also think there is a huge gap from 0$ to 35$ (or 42$ if monthly).
Not sure on how the free users will feel to about this leap if they want to add more 2 or 3 projects.


I am one of the non-professionals that has been eyeing Webflow for the past couple of weeks. I tried the service and love it. I could justify paying for the Personal Plan to rebuild the three personal websites I have, and the 1-2 more that I will likely do in the next year. But I can’t invest $42 a month in something that is not, for me, an income-generating tool (at least not yet). I emailed support to see if they would still honor the Personal Plan pricing. If they can’t, I will unfortunately have to find another option.

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If you’ll read the above posts…

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear in my post. I’m not signed up for a plan. I have been trying Webflow for a couple of weeks and decided to sign up for a Personal Plan today. Unfortunately I was two days late.

I’m in the same boat as @beefyking

The Personal plan for me was perfect for some upcoming freelance projects and don’t have the budget (yet) for the Professional plan. Would there be any chance of a Personal plan being waivered?


@danwilko @beefyking

I was also about to purchase the $20 a month plan and begin to rebuild and transfer a few sites after working with it for about a week.

Any hopes of it reopening before the final price changes are made?


Absolutely makes no sense, when will the webflow team listen and talk to their community?

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@zachjarr @danwilko @beefyking If you were planning on upgrading to Personal before we removed it you can email and we can help you out.

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