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Some elements not displaying on IE

Hello, Webflow community!

Luis here, I noticed that the logo, main heading, and play button are not displaying correctly in IE.

Any way I can get this fixed asap?

Shareable link

Live website

Thank you in advance!!

Hey, this might not help but i’m seeing everything fine on Edge (latest). Is designing for IE necessary?

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Hi @luis27

Thanks for posting about this.

It looks like you are using Flexbox for the layout of these sections. Unfortunatley, IE doesn’t fully support flexbox.

I recommend taking one of two routes here:

  1. Rebuild these sections without flexbox - not fun but definitely possible when using columns
  2. You can disregard IE as it accounts for only 3.1% of global usage

This is definitely a subjective decision that largely depends on your user base. If you expect a lot of users to be accessing your site via IE then option 1 is the best route. If most of your users will be using modern web browsers and mobile devices, you may consider the second option.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hi there, @Brando!

Thank you very much for the feedback. The client was actually using an older version of IE :unamused:. lol

I did make some minor changes but the client is now happy! phew

I apologize for the delayed reply!



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My client was actually using an older version of IE! I converted them to Chrome haha

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